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The Greek terms we discussed in class today are very relatable to all epic or tragic heroes in the past and to the ones of the present. When I think of a hero of present times who has a large hamartia but is also a leader to many people would be Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong fought many types of cancer and even though he faced very bad odds of survival, he pushed hard to survive and pulled it out. He won the Tour de France six times in a row, smashing the previous record of consecutive Tour de France wins. He inspired many people and led the fight against cancer and was a figurehead for the fight against cancer. He then had his big downfall when his catharsis came out, or when everything changed for him. All of his greatness came crumbling down when his large flaw was released. Lance Armstrong was accused of blood doping and a dark shadow went over his name. With his hubris, or pride, he would not take a drug test and remained with a constant mindset that he did not blood dope. Many people lost respect for the hero they once admired. Lance Armstrong was not the hero he once was to most people but was now a regular person.

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