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Keeping up with our fantastic students in the English department!

Major Monday: Hayden McConnell

Hayden McConnell is a junior at Elon, as well as one of the first people to switch to the recently added PWR major. In addition to that, she minors in digital art and multimedia authoring, creates some pretty cool designs, like the new PWR sticker, and has her own stellar blog! This past summer, she stayed at Elon to manage the social media for the PWR Department, and has been taking major-related classes this semester, such as PWR 313 Feminism in Rhetoric and PWR 217 Writing Technologies. Taking time out of her busy week, we chatted about her experiences within the PWR Department over hot cider at Oak House.


  • Why did you choose to be an English/now PWR major?

I chose English because I’ve always enjoyed writing and it has never felt like a daunting task to me. I’ve always used it as a way to organize my thoughts and as an outlet for my ideas. When I found out about the PWR major, I thought it would be a perfect balance of both writing and communication to find a job I’d love.

  • Do you know what you would like to do after graduation with your degree in English? If so, please elaborate.
  • (more…)

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Exciting English Students at Elon

This week, I spoke with Elon Senior Olivia Jacquier, who is the current President of Sigma Tau Delta. Sigma Tau Delta (STD) is the English Honor Society for students at four year colleges and universities who are within the top 30% of their class and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Olivia is an English major with a concentration in Teaching Licensure from Connecticut, who was looking to get more involved on campus and make new friends.

“I basically eat, sleep, and breathe English. Being the STD President, working at the writing center, and my major take up all of my time, but I love it,” Olivia laughs.

Olivia was elected as the President of Sigma Tau Delta by her STD peers. Through her position, she has been able to plan fun on-campus events, such as the Halloween Book & Costume Party, the STD induction dinner, and work alongside her friends and amazing advisor. Being the President of STD has also opened up many professional opportunities for Olivia. She plans to attend a conference with her fellow STD officers in Las Vegas this year.

“Being a part of STD does give you so many opportunities, both professional and personal, which is really nice. There are not that many opportunities where you get to go to a conference in Las Vegas for $100 to network,” says Olivia.


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Major Monday: Amanda McMahon

For most people, an English major equates to the good old “Oh, so you want to be a teacher huh?” For some the answer is no, but for Amanda McMahon it’s a “Yes, yes I am.”

Amanda is a senior, majoring in English with a concentration in teaching licensure. While the concentration can be strenuous and time consuming, Amanda still manages to work in the Writing Center, act as the treasurer for EFFECT‑ Elon’s women’ club, and be an active member in the English Honor Society. She also stayed at Elon this past summer working as a counselor for Elon Academy, and is now a Teaching Assistant at a local high school.

Although she’s a busy gal, I finally managed to sit down with Amanda and ask how she does what she does and why, from her teaching licensure concentration to her research to her involvement with Elon Academy.

So, why an English major?

“Well, to be honest I didn’t always want to study English. Growing up I went through so many career phases like being an architect or a psychologist. However, I really enjoyed English classes in high school and always had a love for reading and writing, so once I got to college it just seemed like a natural fit.”

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Mary Sheehan accepted to MA Program

MarySheehanMary Sheehan has accepted an offer to study in University College Dublin’s M.A Program in Modern and Contemporary Literature! After studying abroad in Dublin from 2015-2016, Mary is very excited to return to explore her favorite subject in her favorite place.




Seniors, do you have good news to share about your post-graduation plans? Email us at so that we can celebrate with you.

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“Regarding Research”: An Interview w/ Hannah S.

By Tim Melton

For some students, summer vacation presents an opportunity to destress from the previous year while also preparing for the upcoming school year. For students like senior Hannah Silvers (PWR/Creative Writing), though, summer can serve an entirely different purpose – ample time to work on scholarly research. This past summer, Hannah continued working on her two-year Honor’s thesis as a Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) student. SURE is an eight-week research program designed specifically for Elon undergraduates.

The SURE process can definitely be intensive, but luckily we were able to catch up with Hannah and get her perspective on her experience!

This interview has been edited for clarity.


Could you briefly describe the research you conducted this summer, as well as any significant findings?

This summer, I dove into the data analysis portion of my two-year Honors Fellows thesis. Generally, my project studies how student editors (specifically, copy editors who work for the student newspaper) learn to become good copy editors…I found that new copy editors learn from interacting (in many ways) with the copy editors who have been there for longer. I also found (at least, I think I found, on a very preliminary level!) that there’s a sort of ethos of a copy editor that novice copy editors feel like they’re working toward when they learn new skills and mindsets from veteran copy editors.

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“For One and All” – An Interview w/ Abbey F.

By Tim Melton

Hello, everyone – welcome to The Scroll, the official blog of the English Department of Elon University! This inaugural post will be our first edition of English Works, where we catch up with English students in the midst of their various internships and/or jobs, and discuss how they are taking their college studies to the next level.

One of the most exciting aspects of an English degree is its versatility – you never really know where it’s going to take you. For senior Abbey Foucart (PWR), her determination and hard work brought her right to the nation’s capital. This summer, she’s been interning at the Office of Public Affairs, in Washington, D.C. To find out about Abbey’s experience and how she has managed to connect it with her English work at Elon, I caught up with her to ask her a few questions:


What is your position? Can you list some of your responsibilities?

I’m working as an intern for Immigration Customs Enforcement’s Office of Public Affairs. Since starting, I have been responsible for many different things, notably drafting social media content and editing news releases.

Where did you first hear about your internship opportunity, and what made you want to apply?

My father works for ICE, and through him I heard about OPA and the kind of work they do. I wanted to work for them because I’m really interested in taking raw information and making it accessible to the public.

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