“Venezuelan Spring” – Daron, Morgan, Russell

What are the issues? Why are people protesting, and what are they protesting about?

The initial demand of the protest was for increased securityAccording to BBC, protests began when a female student claimed someone attempted to rape her. Now, protesters are demanded release of those detained in previous protests, and economic changes to curb high inflationIn February 2014, three people were shot at a “peaceful” protest. The majority of protesters are students and middle class. The issues have manifested themselves since the passing of former President Hugo Chávez in 2013.

In addition to security and inflation, protesters are also upset with a scarcity of the ability to purchase basic food items. Even on Easter Sunday, protesters attempted to recreate Jesus’s walk to the crucifixion.

Are they affecting the entire country?

The working class is not as upset about the issues, according to BBC. There is reportedly a lot of indifference, so the protests don’t seem to be gaining as much momentum as possible. The Venezuelan government has been blaming the United States government for many of the protests, even detaining an American citizen in one example. Since Venezuela is already in economic decline, the country cannot sustain its economy if it does not export oil to the United States, so this relationship is extremely critical to the future of Venezuela.

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