Feb 17 2011

The Greatest Lesson Learned from 1st Semester of Law School

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The greatest lesson I learned was: I can do this! I can really do this thing called law school! This may sound really simple, but trust me it was a life-changing revelation. Long before I achieved my 1L status, I used to think law school was intimidating. I suppose that is because of the prestige that cloaks the profession. Or it could be the anxiety- inducing Socratic Method, that is the mark of the law school experience, I heard so much about. Either way, I knew intimidation was the pink elephant in the room that eventually I would have to face.  Now, after surviving one semester I can officially conclude that it really isn’t that bad. Of course, it’s not a cake walk. But, I have realized my intellectual strength once again and am ready for the 5 semester marathon that remains.

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