Purple Rain on Warhol’s Parade

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For any business owners making a living off of their art and creations, the latest Supreme Court ruling on Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith is worth reading about. Last week, on May 18, 2023, the Court published its decision as to whether a silkscreen painting done by renowned 1960’s pop-artist, Andy Warhol, infringed upon celebrity photographer, Lynn Goldsmith’s copyright. The story begins in the 1980’s when one of Goldsmith’s portraits of Prince was licensed to Warhol to create a painting for a magazine, the licensing of which allowed for only one use of the photo. Warhol then went on to make his “Prince Series,” which was a total of 16 various images of Prince based off the initial Goldsmith photo but varying in color. After Warhol’s death, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts assumed ownership of his work. In 2016, following Prince’s death,…

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SBEC attends Shift_ed Event!

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Last week the student attorneys at the clinic were invited to Lawyer’s on the Lawn in Lebauer Park in Downtown Greensboro co-hosted by the Young Lawyers Section and Shift_ed. This was a happy hour networking event for lawyers within the Greensboro Bar Association and the YLS. Snacks, drinks, and good conversation were had by all who attended. Student Attorneys had the pleasure to meet with Shit_ed President and CEO Wendy Poteat to discuss Shift-ed’s mission. Shift_ed is a non-profit organization that operates using an equity-based model to support students with the greatest needs in the Guilford County School Systems. This was a wonderful opportunity to help support a good cause. We would encourage anyone with the capacity to do so to learn more about Shift_ed and their mission and support them in anyway possible. For help with your small business needs, contact the clinic at businessclinic@elonl.edu.  

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‘W.E. Do’ Women in Entrepreneurship Conference: The Impact of Female-Led Businesses

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Last week, the student attorneys at Elon’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic attended the online ‘W.E. Do’ Women Entrepreneurs presentation featuring three inspiring change-makers: Mary Gunn, CEO of Topia Life Sciences and Board Director Ann Arnold, CFO of H. Arnold Wood Turning and Co-Founder of the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Foundation Ricki Fairley, CEO and Co-Founder of Touch, the Black Breast Cancer Alliance According to the World Economic Forum, “women made up 47% of US entrepreneurs starting businesses in 2022, compared with 29% prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Great growth has occurred in encouraging, empowering, and assisting females to dive into the entrepreneurship space. In another article looking at the success female-owned business, Forbes reported on findings that businesses owned by women had earnings increase by 27% compared to a 22% increase in earnings from male-owned businesses. According to another article by Score, women are more likely to own a…

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The Steelhouse

Posted on: May 3, 2023 | By: Business Clinic | Filed under: Client Alert

Over the past week, students from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Clinic took their yearly visit to the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center serves as a hub for budding businesses, helping entrepreneurs grow by providing them with a space to operate out of, practical guidance, executing business plans, conducting meetings, and financial planning. The focal point of this year’s tour was the old Steelhouse behind the center. A plan has been put in place to turn the 13-acre building and surrounding area into a thriving hub of small business and economic growth. So far, the Steelhouse has raised almost half of the investment needed to transform the structure into the Triad’s version of Seattle’s Pikes Place Market. And with news of the economic opportunities that may arise out of the space, fundraising efforts have begun to pick up pace. In due time, the Steelhouse will begin its renovations, going…

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Elon Innovation Challenge 2023

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Last Tuesday, Elon Law Small Business Clinic students attended the first night of the Elon University Innovation Challenge at Elon University’s main campus. Undergraduate students from Elon University presented their ideas for how to combat waste problems on Elon University’s campus. The ideas ranged from reusable coffee cups to new compost equipment that can easily break down garbage into compost. The Innovation Challenge is a great experience for young entrepreneurs to gain practice pitching their ideas and coming up with new ideas to help solve problems. Innovation is an important skill for entrepreneurs to have when coming up with new ideas to start businesses. A big thank you to those hosting the Elon University Innovation Challenge for allowing us to attend and see the unique ideas presented. For legal assistance with your small business, contact the SBEC at businessclinic@elon.edu.

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Meet Kasey Snyder and Reid Perkins – Spring 2023 SBEC Student Attorneys!

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  Hello, my name is Kasey Snyder, and I am a 2L at Elon University School of Law. I grew up in Stoneville, North Carolina. Before coming to law school, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina and I received my Master of Business Administration degree from Liberty University. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my two cats, Maggie and Atticus. I am interested in transactional work related to Business and Real Estate Law and would like to practice law in North Carolina. While here at the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic, I have gained experience in helping people form businesses entities and file trademarks. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic is a great opportunity to gain practical experience while also helping members of the community with their legal needs.   Hi,…

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UNCG Esports Event

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This past Friday, SBEC clinic students had the opportunity to attend the Esports Career & Entrepreneurship Summit at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The summit consisted of information surrounding UNCG’s minor in Videogaming and Esport Studies; panel of Esport Entrepreneurs and Industry businessmen; roundtable discussions; and a presentation by Epic Games’ Tom Shannon, who gave attendees an inside look at Unreal Engine 5, the company’s advanced 3D creation tool. The panelist spoke about the vast business opportunities that the Esports realm is creating, and how that is being fueled as universities introduce curriculums that foster growth in the field. With this growth comes ample opportunity for lawyers to expand their business and IP practice. Esport companies look to protect their trademarks, contract new workers and workspaces, and are actively looking for lawyers that understand Esports. On the other hand, companies such as Epic Games look for their attorneys…

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Meet Spring 2023 SBEC Student Attorneys Abby Robertson and Trey Schopen!

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  Hi! My name is Abby Robertson, and I am a 2L at Elon University School of Law. I grew up in New Jersey, right outside of NYC. I am a proud alum of Virginia Tech, where I graduated in 3 years and studied public relations and political science. At Elon Law, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Moot Court Board Member, the Sports and Entertainment Law Society Vice President, and work as a TA for a Legal Methods and Communications II course. I am interested in the transactional side of the legal field, specifically in relation to intellectual property law, media law and corporate law. I am excited to be spending my spring residency working at Elon Law’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic! I am gaining practical skills and knowledge in the world of business law, while also having the opportunity to help individuals and businesses in…

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Meet Spring 2023 SBEC Student Attorneys Kimbermarie Faircloth and Kofi Ladans!

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Hi! My name is KimberMarie and I am a 2L at Elon University School of Law. I grew up right outside of Greensboro, NC but lived in Charleston, SC for 3.5 years as I attended College of Charleston. Upon starting undergraduate, I was interested in pursuing Archaeology after watching one too many Indiana Jones movies but realized that, while digging is fun, it is not something I want to do for a full-time career. I then pursued my B.S. in Anthropology as it would still allow me to study the subjects that I loved in Archaeology while also studying subjects that I could apply day-to-day in an office or organization, such as interviewing, cultural competency etc. I was accepted to Elon as a Leadership Fellow after growing up having recited the following saying every day before school for my parents: “I will be a leader by example, an example by…

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Court’s Rejection of Johnson & Johnson’s Bankruptcy Tactic to Avoid Lawsuits

Posted on: March 10, 2023 | By: Business Clinic | Filed under: Client Alert

Johnson & Johnson is currently battling nearly 40,000 lawsuits alleging their products sicken and kill people. Greg Gordon of the Jones Day law firm, who serves as the counsel for J&J,  presented the idea of using the bankruptcy laws of the United States to avoid a massive number of individual settlements, and instead force all the complainants into one, single settlement. This would involve a strategy known as the “Texas Two-Step” in which J&J would create a subsidiary to shoulder the liability and having that new company filing for bankruptcy. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals rejected this idea, ruling that Gordon’s idea to provide the subsidiary with large funds is flawed. The cash-flush subsidiary would have no legitimate claim to bankruptcy protection because it would not be in “financial distress.” The Court went on to state that a profitiable company cannot force personal-injury claimants out of jury trials, and that allowing the strategy…

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