Cover for Aid Worker Voices

Posted on: August 19, 2016 | By: Tom Arcaro | Filed under: Aid Worker Voices book

Cover for Aid Worker Voices

And here’s a version of the the cover, still a work in progress. ┬áCover photograph by J.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 10.30.28

Tom Arcaro

Tom Arcaro is a professor of sociology at Elon University. He has been researching and studying the humanitarian aid and development ecosystem for nearly two decades and in 2016 published 'Aid Worker Voices'. He recently published his second and third books related to the humanitarians sector with 'Confronting Toxic Othering' published in 2021 and 'Dispatches from the Margins of the Humanitarian Sector' in 2022. A revised second edition of 'Confronting Toxic Othering' is now available from Kendall Hunt Publishers

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