Video materials related to toxic othering and the Hydra

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Video materials related to toxic othering and the Hydra

Inspiration from the Rohingya and Bangladeshi learners
As I wrote in the last chapters of Confronting Toxic Othering, it was the inspiration I got from the Rohingya and Bangladeshi learners I co-taught in the summer of 2021 that helped me to more clearly understand the many (and still developing) nuances of what I am calling ‘critical Hydra theory’ (CHT).

Net proceeds will support educational initiatives for Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar.

Over the course of our 3 month class I produced scores of short, subtitled videos intended as ‘mini-lectures’, augmenting both our text and the weekly meetings we had via GoogleMeet and Zoom. My teaching assistant, Elon student Trevor Molin, helped me to put these videos together, most combined into same-themed longer videos. Those interested will find all this material linked below.

Videos made for our Rohingya and Bangladeshi learners in the summer of 2021:

Culture #1
Culture #2
Self and Society
Groups and Organizations
Social Stratification
Equation on poverty
The Hydra
False consciousness and more Hydra
Final summary message

Here is a short video introduction to Confronting Toxic Othering.


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