Spanish version now live

Posted on: April 8, 2014 | By: Tom Arcaro | Filed under: aid worker survey

Spanish version of our  survey now live:  Queremos escuchar  sus voces! #humsurvey Tom ArcaroTom Arcaro is a professor of sociology at Elon University. He has been researching and studying the humanitarian aid and development ecosystem for nearly two decades and in 2016 published ‘Aid Worker Voices’. He recently published his second and third books related to the humanitarians sector with ‘Confronting Toxic Othering’ published in 2021 and ‘Dispatches from the Margins of the Humanitarian Sector’ in 2022.More Posts – Website Follow Me:

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PSA: Who should take the survey?

Posted on: March 9, 2014 | By: J. | Filed under: aid worker survey

The humanitarian survey has been live for about two weeks, now, and so far we’re very pleased with the response. We’ve had over 500 respondents to-date, and yes, we know it’s not a statistically viable sample just yet, but nevertheless we’re seeing some fascinating trends already beginning to emerge. At this point, though, we need to pause and answer what is apparently a burning question in the minds of many: Who should take this survey? Or, put another way, who do we want to hear from? You’ve tweeted us, DM’d us, emailed us, Facebooked us, biting your bottom lips, voices wavering… wondering if… is it really… for you?! Should I take the humanitarian worker survey?! (hint: yes)   The answer is, “Yes!” If you do now or have ever worked in the aid industry, we want to hear from you via this survey. Yep, we know. It says “humanitarian”, but…

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