Registration begins at 8:00am

**Schedule subject to change**

Welcome & Opening Plenary: 8:45 – 10:15am

Dr.  David Daniel, Professor of Psychology

James Madison University

Dr. Daniel has over 25 years of university teaching experience and his work bridges research and practice. His scholarship focuses on “evidence demonstrated” knowledge that can be used to inform individual teaching practices and educational policy. He has been recognized for his outstanding efforts to translate research on the brain and learning into classroom practice and has been given the Society for Teaching of Psychology’s Teaching Excellence Award, the 2013 Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award, and he is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science.

The Dark Side of Pedagogy – LaRose Digital Theater (Koury Business Center, Room 101)

Morning Workshops & Presentations: 10:30 – 11:45am

All sessions are 75 minutes in duration and consist of either one workshop or two pedagogy presentations. Please plan to attend one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon.

Workshop: Making Teams Work: Importance of Instructor and Student Choices

Lisa Delise – Salem College

KOBC 302

Workshop: The Just Classroom: Strategies for Inclusive Learning Environments

Laura Pipe & Jennifer Stephens – UNC Greensboro

KOBC 306

Workshop: Challenging the Hidden Curriculum in the Classroom

Cora S. Palfy – Elon University

KOBC 200

Workshop: Should Science/Neuroscience Inform Your Pedagogy?

David B. Daniel – James Madison University & Amy A. Overman – Elon University

KOBC 208

Presentation 1: Call Your Representatives: An Exercise to Catalyze Student Civic Participation

Raj Ghoshal & Ryan Johnson – Elon University

KOBC 112

Presentation 2: Creating a Culture of Student Collective Responsibility to Increase the Quality of Classroom Discussion

Clara L. Vega – Alamance Community College

KOBC 112

Presentations take place back-to-back in the same room

Workshop: Recovering the Victims’ Voices: Navigating Learning Experiences in Teaching Traumatic Histories

Leah Wolfson & Emil Kerenji – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

KOBC 244

Workshop: Why Choose Twitter for Teaching and Learning?

Jeffrey Carpenter, Scott Morrison, Amy Allocco, & Evan Gatti – Elon University

KOBC 204


Workshop: Strategic Course Design: Making Choices to Align Learning Objectives, Activities and Assessment

Erin Robinson, Bethany V. Smith & Doug James – NC State University

KOBC 242

Workshop: Developing and Implementing Collaborative Learning Activities

Cece Toole, Julie Schrock & Steven Benko – Meredith College

KOBC 353

Workshop: Creating Rubrics for Grading and Teaching

Deandra Little – Elon University

KOBC 310

 Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00

Lunch is available on all floors.

Members of Instructional & Campus Technologies will be available at tables on the first floor. These include representatives from the Maker Hub (Elon University’s makerspaces), Media Services, and Information Security. There will also be demonstrations of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

Afternoon Workshops & Presentations: 1:15 – 2:30pm

Workshop (repeated from morning): Strategic Course Design: Making Choices to Align Learning Objectives, Activities and Assessment

Erin Robinson, Bethany V. Smith & Doug James – NC State University

KOBC 310

Workshop: From A to Z and Everywhere in Between: Strategies for Self-Paced Learning

Kristina Meinking – Elon University

KOBC 200

Workshop: Using Information Visualization to Create Significant Learning Experiences for Students

Li Li – Elon University

KOBC 354

Presentation 1: Converging on the Right Questions:  Reflection in the First-Year Writing Course

Carmen Christopher, Rebecca Duncan, & Kelly Morris Roberts – Meredith College

KOBC 300

Presentation 2: Using Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) in Science Laboratory Courses

Stefanie Chen & Carlos Goller – NC State University

KOBC 300

Presentations take place back-to-back in the same room

Workshop: Beyond the Flipped Classroom: An Experiment in Independent Classroom Management Using Scrum

Shannon Duvall – Elon University

KOBC 244

Workshop: Fostering Group Work with Collaborative Online Tools

Bethany V. Smith & Christopher Beeson – NC State University

KOBC 242

Workshop: Multimedia as assessment: Truth and Consequences for Digital Creative Projects in Liberal Arts Higher Education

Adam Barger – The College of William and Mary

KOBC 306



Workshop: Teaching [Insert Your Discipline Here] with Video Games

Brandon Essary – Elon University

KOBC 204

 Closing Plenary: 2:45 – 3:45pm

Teaching Failures & What We Learned


  • Haya Ajjan – Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Melissa Murfin –  Physician Assistant Studies
  • Kevin Otos – Performing Arts
  • Scott Windham – World Languages and Cultures

LaRose Digital Theater (Koury Business Center, Room 101)

Panelists from a variety of disciplines will share teaching failures that resulted in learning.