Windows 10 receives release date

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Microsoft started windows_10_technical_preview_windows_10_logo_microsoft-1024x576off June with a bang when the company announced that Windows 10 would be released on July 29. Here’s a look at what Microsoft has announced with the release, as well as a few pointers for users planning on purchasing new computers in August. 

What to expect

At the end of July, Microsoft will begin shipping computers with Windows 10, although Microsoft will make the latest iteration of its operating system available as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, at this time Elon University does not plan to migrate University-owned computers to the new operating system once it is available. While Microsoft will grant users the option of a free upgrade, Campus Technology Support highly discourages users from upgrading University-owned machines. As with any massive upgrade to an operating system, existing machines may experience problems with data loss, instability, compatibility, hardware, or performance speeds. Campus Technology Support will only be able to assist users with rolling their machines back to Windows 7.

Over the coming months, users will begin to see a popup notification in their toolbar regarding Windows 10. If you click the notification, you will view a slideshow highlighting the benefits of Windows 10. To ensure an easy transition to the new operating system, Microsoft says it will use a reservation system that allows users to sign up to receive notifications when the update is available, as well as allowing users to schedule when the installation actually occurs.

Other features of Windows 10 include:

  • Microsoft Edge – The successor to Internet Explorer (previously known as Project Spartan).
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be built-in.
  • Xbox Live and Xbox app to stream Xbox games to the desktop
  • Windows Hello – A new login method that utilizes face, iris, or fingerprint recognition

Keep in mind

You might not want to jump on an automatic update to Windows 10 when it is first made available to users. As with anything involving a major overhaul of technology, new releases like Windows 10 may present problems to users unknown prior to launch. Apple users still remember when OSX Yosemite couldn’t connect to WiFi until a patch was released. Your safest route to updating Windows is to wait a few weeks after the initial release of Windows 10 so you can be well aware of any flaws or kinks in the system. For example, Campus Technology Support will be unable to test current print drivers for compatibility with Windows 10 until its release. While we do not anticipate any problems, a new print driver may need to be created in order to maintain compatibility.

Please remember that Campus Technology Support may not be able to assist users with any issues they experience with Windows 10. For more information regarding Windows 10, visit Microsoft’s site.

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