Tech tips for a new term

Starting a new term always brings a flurry of activity as students, faculty, and staff strive for their stride to carry them through to the summer.  While much of this activity revolves around preparation for class, there are a handful of technology tips that should help guarantee faculty and staff a smooth start for a new semester.

Change it up

The start of a new semester is the perfect time to change the passwords to your online accounts. Since you’re already trying to get accustomed to a new schedule, it’s an easy time to grow accustomed with a few new combinations.

  • Email – Going to Elon’s self-service site will allow you to change the password that works for your email account, Moodle account, and wireless access. If you haven’t visited here before, make sure you click the ‘Enroll’ link. If you attempt to change your password without enrolling, you’ll receive a message saying you aren’t in the database.
  • OnTrack – Your OnTrack password is managed individually from other Elon University accounts.
  • But what if I don’t have a good password idea? Visit this website to generate a strong, healthy password that you never even considered.

Sayonara personal folders

Did you know that personal folders are no longer necessary? While they were initially conceived to free up storage space in the email server, Elon University’s migration to Office 365 has largely eliminated the need for personal folders. Now, you can move personal folders into your Office 365 account and access the data from any location you can log into your University email account. To find out how, visit our Technology Wiki to learn more information.

Use your Syncplicity account

Campus Technology Support is continuing the installation of Syncplicity on all University-owned faculty and staff computers. This robust tool is ultimately replacing network storage and the U:Drive.

Syncplicity works by backing up your Elon-related files and folders to the cloud on a constant basis. Any changes made to work saved to Syncplicity are automatically updated to the cloud and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. All faculty and staff should rely on Syncplicity for all data backup, as Campus Technology Support is no longer responsible for data stored outside of Syncplicity.

By default, Syncplicity will back up any data stored in your ‘My Documents’ folder, your ‘Favorites’ folder, and on your computer’s desktop.

Syncplicity may be accessed from a variety of locations. For more information, visit the Technology Wiki to learn more about: Syncplicity, Syncplicity Web Access, and Syncplicity for Mobile Devices.

Help us help you

Finally, Campus Technology Support is taking great effort to extend the service provided to faculty and staff. If you’ve called the Technology Help Desk in the last few months, you should have experienced a Help Desk Associate confirming information and providing issue numbers and assigned technicians over the phone.

At the beginning of February, Campus Technology Support has taken our model one step further. Once a technician has resolved an issue, a member of the Help Desk will be notified. You can expect one of our team members to reach out to you to ensure that Campus Technology Support has provided a pleasant experience and that you received your required resolution. It is our hope that this additional step will help build the relationship between Campus Technology Support and users, in addition to catching and terminating more repetitive problems.

If you have comments, questions, concerns, or compliments about your experience with Campus Technology Support, please contact Ryan Gay or Michelle Woods at 278-5200.


Ryan Gay

Ryan Gay

Ryan is the Manager of Service Management & IT Project Lead for Instructional & Campus Technologies. He has received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from UNC-Greensboro.

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