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3013659550_46990b4144With the amount of presentation software available, it can be hard decide what is the best for your particular project. Over the past year, the writers on the technology blog have highlighted a number of presentation tools that could suit your project needs. If you’re working on a presentation in a team, these five tools could work for you. If not, here is our roundup of presentation software you should try:

Adobe Voice

Only available on an iPad, Adobe Voice allows users to make animated, image-based presentations with a voice-over. With viewer-friendly themes and options to add music with voice, this would be good to use for presentations that focus on images, that act as a how-to for the class, or that are an introductory to a bigger class discussion.

Read more about Adobe Voice here.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another image-based presentation program, but with a textual twist. Hauki Deck presentations involve  a series of images that support your topic with headings that could be used to preview talking points. It solves the problem of presentations with too-much text or with slides that detract from what you’re saying. Haiku Deck is available on the web or as an iPad app.

Read more about Haiku Deck here.


Prezi is famous (some would even say infamous) for its interesting layouts and smooth animations. Because it creates a text-based slide presentation, Prezi is a great alternative to a traditional PowerPoint. The software allows you to create a clean, dynamic presentation that will be engaging without being overwhelming for the viewer.

Read more about Prezi here.

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For Mac users, Keynote is a clear, dynamic presentation tool worth checking out. While working under the same structural formatas a PowerPoint, Keynote utilizes the smooth, interesting transitions, with the added bonus of moving an image from slide to slide, and more precise tools for adding graphs, cropping images, and more. Keynote would be a great software for a Mac user who wants to create a more visually compelling presentation.

Read more about Keynote here.


Do you have a favorite presentation tool? Let us know in the comments below.


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