Remember passwords easily with passphrases

Posted on: May 18, 2017 | By: Christina Bonds | Filed under: Info Security, Passwords

We already know the common best practices when it comes to passwords like creating a long password, using a unique password for each account, and changing passwords often.  But… how do we remember all of these long, unique, and changing passwords?  If you are not using a password manager like LastPass consider using passphrases to help with remembering these passwords.  The SANS Institute, a respected source for information security training has created an informative video about passphrases.

Watch this video from SANS to learn more about passphrases and how to protect them.

Click here for more information about SANS security awareness videos.

Click here for information about the Elon Unversity and LastPass partnership.


Christina Bonds

Christina Bonds, CISSP, is an Application Developer at Elon University

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