Problems with OSX Yosemite

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On October 16, yosemiteApple rolled out its latest OSX release for Mac computers, OSX Yosemite. While there are many positive additions Apple made to the operating system, there have also been numerous glitches identified in the system that have affected multiple users, including those on Elon’s campus.

No Print Management access

One of the biggest problems with OSX Yosemite affecting Elon students, faculty, and staff is that the new operating system does not currently support Elon University’s print management system. This means that users who upgrade to Yosemite will be unable to utilize printers across campus. Elon University is currently working on driver upgrades compatible with Yosemite; however, those drivers have not yet been made available.

Connecting to Ricoh printers

There have also been reports of faculty and staff upgrading to OSX Yosemite being unable to print to the Ricoh printer/copier units. This is another issue identified as a problem with Apple’s operating system. Campus Technology Support has been notified that Ricoh is currently working on a driver update to accommodate the Yosemite operating system. While there is currently no known fix, it is recommended that you run software updates as normal. When released, the update should come from Ricoh through the software updates option on your Mac.

Wireless connectivity

As with many of Apple’s software upgrades lately, users have reported issues with wireless connectivity. Currently, wireless connectivity issues are caused by back-end problems on Apple’s side, and not due to Elon University’s network. Issues with wireless connectivity and OSX Yosemite have ranged from dropping Wi-Fi connections, to an inability to connect to the outside world despite being connected to a Wi-Fi router, and even suddenly and strangely slow internet speeds. However, website OSXDaily has provided troubleshooting steps for wireless issues. It is important to note that, while this website is operated by Apple experts, any troubleshooting steps taken are performed at the user’s own risk.


With any new operating system, the best practice is never to upgrade your device immediately after a new version has been made available. Instead, wait a few weeks as developers have a chance to work out any glitches that weren’t made known until the operating system’s release. This will minimize any inconvenience you may experience from unknown glitches. For more tips on updating technology,read our blog post about updating software and operating systems.

Unfortunately, the Technology Service Desk and Campus Technology Support are unable to provide any assistance to users who have upgraded to OSX Yosemite on their personally-owned machines. If you upgraded an Elon-owned device and are experiencing issues, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200 to have a work ticket opened with one of our technicians. Please remember that since many of these issues are on the Apple-end of development, we may be unable to provide immediate resolution.

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  1. this is a serious problem, but like all software vendors always admitted intentional errors in systems so that in the next version to fix the error