Own it: You can help keep the internet safer, more secure

Posted on: October 1, 2019 | By: Tarah Holland | Filed under: Data & Identity, Devices, Info Security, Online Safety Tips

As we observe National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), consider what you’re doing to keep the internet safer and more secure. Typically, you’re the first line of defense in protecting your data and devices from online threats. Follow these tips to stay safe online.

Infographic explaining ways to protect yourself from cybersecurity threats and it includes the NCSAM logo

Own IT – It’s Up to You!

  • Beware Permissions: When you install an app, what permissions does it ask for? A tracking app may want to know your location, but a beauty app doesn’t need that information. Never give network permissions to anything that doesn’t need it.
  • Spot the Scam: There are several signs that an app might be a scam or a disguised attack. If it has a lot of five-star ratings, but no review, it could be a scam. If the creator is suspiciously silent or refuses to promote their app, then you should be cautious.
  • Source Smart: Whenever possible, choose apps from a reputable creator and download only from the official app store.
  • Vaccinate Your Device: Every device needs an antivirus. Even if you end up downloading a dangerous app, or a previously safe app becomes infected, an antivirus will help to secure the device.


Tarah Holland

Tarah Holland is a Digital Content Strategist at Elon University.

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