New Apple OS tips and warnings

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When Apple released the new iOS 8 platform on September 17, many users took immediate advantage of the new update. However, while iOS 8 offers new and exciting features, many have experienced a variety of problems with their devices. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the new operating system (OS), as well as a few warnings about flaws that have been identified with the system.

New features

iOS 8 comes packed with features that users have been clamoring for quite some time.

  • Predictive texting – iOS 8 now offers QuickType, a predictive typing component that anticipates what you might be trying to write. This feature is quite similar to what the Google search already provides. However, predictive texting doesn’t differentiate between who you are typing to, so be wary of language you might use when texting friends and when you might be texting your parents. Not interested in predictive texting? You can turn it off by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and then turn off the ‘Predictive’ option.
  • Photos are gone, but not forgotten – iOS 8 is designed to keep ‘deleted’ videos and photos from your device for 30 days in case you change your mind. In order to recover images or permanently delete them (to avoid taking up unnecessary space on your device), navigate to the Photos app and tap the Albums option on the bottom right. You can select images or videos individually, or hit ‘Select’ in the top right to delete or recover items in bulk.
  • Better battery usage statistics – One new feature in iOS 8 is that your device will now show how much juice an app might take from your battery. To find out what apps are most likely to run down your device’s battery, navigate to Settings > General > Usage. This will give you a great idea on how much storage is used and available on your device, in addition your device’s battery usage.
  • Send last location to Apple before your battery dies – Nothing is more frustrating than misplacing or losing your device and realizing the battery died. With iOS 8, your device will send its last known location to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level. Click here to learn more about the Find My iPhone app.

Known problems

With the release of iOS 8, users have experienced a multitude of problems. Since Apple released iOS 8, there have already been two patches released addressing issues. The patches resolved some issues (e.g., iOS 8.0.1 broke the cellular network and Touch ID capabilities of iPhone 6 users and was repaired in iOS 8.0.2), but other issues are still ongoing.

  • WiFi connectivity – One of the biggest issues with iOS 8 involves WiFi connectivity. This is a problem identified by Apple where devices aggressively move back and forth between a WiFi network and your cellular data. There is currently no fix for this, so be careful with data usage. You may want to consider blocking app access to cellular data so you aren’t hit with a surprise bill involving data overages. Further, never perform updates for apps unless you are connected to a WiFi network, as these updates may use a lot of cellular data.
  • Slower devices – Users with older iDevices, such as 4th and 5th generation iPhones, have reported slower operation speeds on their devices. Some of this is due to the increased amount of space that iOS 8 requires. Users have noted slow performance with Safari, Facetime, messaging, and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, users have dealt with the Mail app continuously crashing and random reboots of the device itself.
  • Shorter battery life – If you aren’t equipped with a new, shiny iPhone 6, users have also complained of a drastically shorter battery life for older devices and iOS8.

As always, problems with the new iOS 8 have been hit and miss with users. Some have experienced no issues whatsoever. Others are ready to throw their device out the window and find something new. For now, at least, iOS 8 is a bit of a poisoned apple you might want to avoid taking a bite of. Apple has reported that they are hard at work developing fixes to these problems, but for users with older devices, you may want to wait a few more weeks before updating to avoid some of these common pitfalls.

If you are experiencing wireless problems with your iOS 8 device, they are most likely related to problems with iOS 8 itself and not Elon University’s wireless network.

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Ryan Gay

Ryan Gay

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    I have a question. Maybe it sounds silly but I am no specialist so I have to ask. Is the flaw discovered in Apple iCloud (the famous hacking of celebrity photos) related in any way to a bug or security issue in the Apple iOS or is it just that, a flaw in iCloud security login mechanism?

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    Most irritating is battery life, sometimes it doesn’t last for a day..