Updated: View Moodle Training to Help You Finish the Semester Strong

Posted on: November 6, 2020 | By: Tarah Holland | Filed under: Events & Training, News, Teaching & Learning

Check out these recorded training sessions from Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) on useful Moodle tools to help you cross the finish line as the fall semester draws to a close. Each session offers tips for wrapping up classes and preparing for online exams. Please contact TLT at 336-278-5006 or tlt@elon.edu if you have additional questions, or request a one-on-one consultation.

Manage Moodle Gradebook

Moodle Gradebook is a powerful tool that can help you effectively manage grades and share feedback with students. This session explores key details for setting up Gradebook for your course, how to enter and weigh students’ grades and tips to help you avoid common issues. View the Training

Conquer Moodle Quizzes

If your course’s final exam will be an online test, this session is invaluable as it examines the ins and outs of Moodle Quizzes. You’ll learn how to develop a bank of questions, which you can use to create future quizzes for your courses. You’ll also gain insight into common challenges, like adding test time extensions for students, fixing incorrectly coded questions and effective ways to implement Respondus — Elon’s lock-down browser application. View the Training 

Ace Moodle Assignments

Moodle Assignments offers you and your students flexibility in how coursework is organized, submitted and graded. This session shows you how to designate individual and group assignments, issue an extension and require specific file types. You’ll also see a breakdown of four available grading workflows that you can experiment with in your course. View the Training 

Tarah Holland

Tarah Holland is a Digital Content Strategist at Elon University.

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