Moodle Show and Tell: Religious studies professor Lynn Huber

Show and Tell.This week, Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) is featuring Lynn Huber, associate professor of religious studies, and her REL 325 course page with its use of the highlight feature, Wiki page integration, and incorporation of photos. In its new Moodle series, Moodle Show and Tell, TLT highlights Elon faculty who have constructed especially useful, helpful, or unique Moodle pages for their courses.

“I enjoy playing around with new software and online platforms, so it doesn’t take much to get me working on something like this,” Huber said. “When I took the Moodle workshop a couple [of] years ago, I did most of my class Moodle site that day. Also, I like to have as much information available to my students online at the beginning of the semester as possible, and Moodle really makes that easy to do.”

In lieu of including a print calendar on her course syllabus, Huber utilizes Moodle’s highlight feature on her course page. This feature moves throughout the content on her Moodle page week-by-week, emphasizing the current week’s assignments, instructions, due dates, and cultural events.

“As we move week-by-week through the course material, Moodle moves along with us,” she said. “I include anything that I would on a calendar in my syllabus, such as events related to the course that occur in the evening. For instance, in this course I use film screenings outside of class time, so those are included on the weekly highlights.”

Huber also uploads any PowerPoint presentations or Prezis she uses in class onto her Moodle course page, so students can access the material and print it off before coming to class. Also, Huber said her students like to review these files routinely throughout the semester to refresh their memories for exams.

Huber uses wikis as sign-up sheets, too, so students can easily schedule meeting times with her throughout the semester.

“I really didn’t put much thought into [using wikis],” she said. “I guess I thought it was easiest since people didn’t have to sign up for Google Docs. Also, I’m horrible about keeping paper sign-up sheets, so this seemed like a good idea.”

Moodle Highlight Feature.

Moodle Images and Wiki.

If you are interested in adopting any of these features for your own Moodle course page and would like some assistance, contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 336.278.5006 or Further, if you or someone you know uses Moodle in a particularly helpful or useful way, please contact TLT to let us know.

Image by Flickr user jonny goldstein / Creative Commons licensed BY-CC 2.0

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