Moodle Musings: How to use Moodle quizzes

Moodle quiz memeThough some individuals may consider testing an infrequent, high-stake activity and only provide written midterm and final exams to their students, others may choose to proctor more frequent, low-risk quizzes throughout the semester. Moodle quizzes provide a quick, flexible way for faculty to gauge student comprehension and to diagnose student performance more frequently throughout their courses.

Faculty can also utilize Moodle quizzes to check students’ understanding of homework before class begins. For example, professors can ask students to complete a simple, low-stress quiz on Moodle before class starts or at the beginning of class. The instructor can then review the results and tailor that day’s activities and discussion to address students’ strengths and weaknesses.

To learn how to effectively and efficiently use Moodle quizzes in your courses, check out the series of videos featuring Gerald Dillashaw, an Elon professor and Moodle quiz expert, below. Dillashaw discusses everything from how to set up a Moodle quiz to how to analyze the results after your students have finished it:

  • Moodle quizzes: Setting up the parameters
  • Moodle quizzes: Creating and adding questions
  • Moodle quizzes: Matching and short answer questions
  • Moodle quizzes: Accommodating the needs of individual students
  • Moodle quizzes: Analyzing the results

    MORE: Read about how Dr. Gerald Dillashaw uses Moodle quizzes to assess his own students in his online summer course.

    If you are interested in using Moodle quizzes in your courses and would like some assistance, contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 336.278.5006 or

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