Video Tutorials on Media Services Equipment

Posted on: November 5, 2012 | By: Casey Brown | Filed under: Tech Tips

The world may know YouTube for its videos of puppies and song lyrics, but Media Services is using the public website for a more practical application. Located to the left upon entering Belk Library, Media Services loans equipment and provides assistance to students, faculty and staff. However, questions about equipment may arise after office hours. This is why Media Services has made an instructional video series.

Produced and edited by senior Brent Edwards, a student worker in Media Services, the videos serve as a quick reference for basic technology needs. Set to lively music and peppered with humor, the clips provide a thorough and upbeat resource for patrons who may need quick and helpful tips at the click of a mouse.

“The videos are a visual user guide,” says Mel Byerley, the Office Manager of Media Services. “We made them for basic quick help.”

Media Services’ video series definitely succeeds with basic quick help. Each video, which runs about three minutes, shows how to set up the equipment and use it effectively. For example, the video on shows you how to check out a laptop, how to log on to it, and what to do before you return it.