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Posted on: October 29, 2014 | By: Ryan Gay | Filed under: Info Security, Passwords

Earlier this month, Instructional & Campus Technologies upgraded the Self-Service Password Maintenance site that allows faculty, staff, and students the ability to manage their account passwords. The upgraded site makes it easier than ever for users to change their account passwords without contacting the Technology Service Desk.

What’s new?

The upgrades to the Self-Service Password Maintenance site provide easier navigation of the site, clearer error messages, and increased functionality on mobile devices. However, no new features were actually added to the system. The site still allows users to manage their Active Directory password, which is used for email, Moodle, wireless connectivity, Elon WebServices, VPN, and campus computer logins. The site does not allow you to change your OnTrack password.

What does this mean for me?

  • Sign up – In the past, many users locked themselves out of the system by trying to manage their password without ever enrolling in the site. After all, if they were already enrolled at Elon, why would they need to do so again? To eliminate confusion, the site was modified to present a ‘Sign Up’ option. By signing up with the site, you will receive automatically generated emails informing you when it is time for you to change your password (this occurs every 365 days if you do not change your password). Signing up also allows you to reset your password if you forget it.
  • Clearer error messages – Before the upgrade, the site would display generic error messages that were unclear to users (e.g., you are not in the database, an error has occurred). Now, error messages are specific to the problem at hand. For example, errors now notify users of passwords not meeting security requirements or if they have not signed up for the site.
  • Mobile devices – The site has also been reformatted to allow easier access from mobile devices like iPhones, Androids, or tablets.

The Technology Service Desk encourages users to visit the Self-Service Password Maintenance site to sign up and manage your account password on your schedule and at your convenience. This is particularly useful if you compromise your account by answering spam email at midnight or are locked out from entering the wrong password too many times. However, the Technology Service Desk is still glad to assist users who need account assistance via phone at 278-5200.

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