It looks like a twister hit the computer lab!

Posted on: October 2, 2013 | By: Ryan Gay | Filed under: Service Desk

Campus Technology Support (CTS) sees itself as a partner with the University community when it comes to the responsible upkeep and general maintenance of computer labs. To strengthen this partnership, CTS has implemented new policies regarding the use of computer labs to help safeguard them from damage. On occasion, the computer labs look like a twister has hit them, despite the diligence of the CTS staff in maintaining them. After all, you might just use one or two around campus, but CTS is responsible for maintaining 36 PC and 17 Mac labs across Elon University’s campus. On a daily basis, members of the Technology Help Desk oversee the supply levels and general technology maintenance of more than 15 of these spaces.

Keeping labs clean and tidy might seem easy in theory, but practice has proven otherwise. This partnership works two ways: CTS is dedicated to ensuring that the technology is available and ready to use as needed for the university population. In return, CTS expects anyone using the computer labs to treat them respectfully.

Keep it clean!

In the normal hustle and bustle that occurs at the end of class, it’s easy to focus on making sure you leave with enough time to get to your next class. CTS asks that anyone using the computer labs is mindful of picking up after yourself and returning the space to the condition it was in at the beginning of class. Here are some quick and easy things we ask of our users:

  • Don’t eat or drink in computer labs
  • Clean up any messes you may make
  • Don’t move chairs to other spaces or scattered around the room
  • Turn off lights and equipment if you are leaving the room vacant

Leave it to a technician

It’s natural for many of us to fiddle with cables, wires, and connections to try and resolve a technology problem. Inevitably, you will encounter problems with the technology in computer labs. If there is a problem, we suggest that you first try powering down the equipment and restarting it, while ensuring that all wires are connected. If you notice any wiring disconnected, report this to the Technology Help Desk. Additionally, CTS asks that users of computer labs keep the following in mind:

  • Do not remove or unplug any items (such as keyboards, mice, monitors, DVD drives, or CPUs)
  • Do not remove supplies (such as cleaning wipes, staplers, or paper)
  • Do not alter cabling or cable cubbies in the labs

If you notice any technology issues or missing supplies or messes left in a computer lab, report them to the Technology Help Desk at 278-5200. For more information on the newly implemented Computer Lab Policies, visit the Technology Wiki.

Image by Flickr user Collin Knopp-Schwyn

Ryan Gay

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