How do I get my free copy of Microsoft Office?

Each week, the Technology Help Desk interacts with numerous students in search of the Microsoft Office Suite. Surprisingly, many students are unaware that they are entitled to one free download of Microsoft Office for either a PC or a Mac. Navigating the system can be tricky, but if you know what to look for, you’ll be writing documents and organizing spreadsheets before you know it.

What is Kivuto’s E-Academy?

Elon University partners with Kivuto’s E-Academy to offer convenient Microsoft product downloads to members of the Elon community. By visiting, Elon students, faculty, and staff can register their email address to create an account that will not only provide a free download of Microsoft Office, but also a free download of Microsoft ForeFront Endpoint Protection (an antivirus software), and Windows operating systems for a discounted charge.

What’s the process?

1.)    Registration – The registration process is easy and straightforward. Fill out the account information, making sure to utilize your Elon University email address.

2.)    Download the software – After registering, log into Kivuto’s E-Academy and view your available software downloads. Users will see the following software available for download:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (for PCs—free, but you will not be able to download Microsoft Office 2011)
  • Microsoft Office 2011 (for Macs—free, but you will not be able to download Microsoft Office 2010)
  • Microsoft ForeFront EndPoint Protection (free—antivirus software)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (cost: $9.75)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (cost: $9.75)


3.)    Once you add the desired software to your cart, you can proceed with the download process. Unless you’ve used Kivuto’s E-Academy before, you will be prompted to download and install the Secure Download Manager (pictured right). Some users mistake this as a random popup ad, however, the Secure Download Manager is required to finish the download process. After the installation, you will be able to finally start your download of the Microsoft product you selected.

Don’t forget!

Once your download is complete, don’t forget to enter the product key provided to you when you completed your order. If you forget to enter this key in, your computer will treat it as a trial product, sending you a message in approximately 30 days that Microsoft Office is preparing to expire. It is vital that you record the product key and store it in a safe place. If you need to reinstall your program for any reason, you will need the product key. Unfortunately, Kivuto’s E-Academy only stores product keys in the system for 30 days. Afterwards, they are deleted with no method of retrieval.

If you encounter problems with Kivuto’s E-Academy downloads, feel free to contact the Technology Help Desk at 336-278-5200 for further assistance. If you still need to purchase a hard copy of Microsoft Office, you may purchase them at the Technology Help Desk for $12.81, after tax. The Technology Help Desk does not accept cash.

Image by Kivuto

Ryan Gay

Ryan Gay

Ryan is the Manager of Service Management & IT Project Lead for Instructional & Campus Technologies. He has received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in English from UNC-Greensboro.

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