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IMG_0002According to a 2012 article on the website, CNet, teens prefer text messages to other modes of communication. This can get difficult when many faculty and staff members depend on e-mail to get important messages to students. However, the application Remind101 provides a bridge between this communication gap; it’s an easy-to-use text message system that utilizes students’ preferred mode of communication to stay connected.

How you can use it

Though the application was originally intended for professors to keep in touch with students, it can be used in a number of ways by courses and organizations across campus:

  • For Courses: Remind101 offers ready communication for educators with their students. Professors can send spur-of-the-moment announcements, like cancelled class or change of location. Because you can add multiple classes to one message, you can send the same message to multiples courses without having to write multiple e-mails or Moodle announcements. Scheduled posts can also provide reminders on upcoming deadlines or speakers on campus that students might enjoy or benefit from seeing.
  • For Group Projects: You can make a Remind101 group for a project you’re in with a number of people as a way to keep in touch with group members. Pre-scheduled messages can serves as reminders to finish certain parts of the project, and it allows a group leader to keep all group members in the loop more easily, especially if the group doesn’t have one another’s numbers.
  • For Student Organizations: Remind101 simplifies organizing a group of people, which is effective for organizations when their members are spread across campus. Messages can remind members when and where meetings will take place or what upcoming events are happening. The immediacy of the application can also help members coordinate with last-minute preparations or changes to events or meetings.
  • For Yourself: You also can use Remind101 as a self-governing and self-motivating device. The scheduling feature allows you to set reminders on meetings and homework, so you never forget another deadline. Also, you can use the pre-set messages to send words of wisdom or motivation during weeks you know will be stressful.

How it works

Remind101 is a free online application that sends out text messages to groups of people. Groups are sorted into “classes,” which individuals join after receiving an invitation from the group’s administrator and following the registration steps Remind 101 sends via text message. (Note: with this method, students don’t have to give their phone number to their professors; they just accept the invitation through e-mail.) A Remind101 account holder can have multiple classes at one time for the various courses and organizations he or she may lead.

Once all the participants are registered with their group, administrators can send 140-character messages that participants will receive as a text message. Multiple classes can be added to a single message. Messages can even be scheduled days or weeks in advance to send reminders for upcoming deadlines or important events. Remind101 also has a widget feature that can be embedded onto a blog or Moodle page, which will post recently sent messages on a feed for participants.

An example of a Remind101 embedded in a Moodle page.

An example of a Remind101 embedded in a Moodle page.

One thing to note is that with Remind101, standard messaging rates still apply. Before using Remind101 with your class or organization, make sure the participants have plans that will work with the Remind101 model.

Learn more

If you’re interested in learning how to use Remind101 with your course or organization, contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 336.278.5006 or tlt@elon.edu to schedule an individual consultation.

Casey Brown

Casey Brown

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