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At the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester, Campus Technology Support (CTS) enacted new support policies for student-owned computers. Moving forward, CTS will focus on supporting the hardware of University-owned machines. However, the Technology Help Desk will remain available to students in need of assistance. Even in those instances where we can’t offer hardware support, students shouldn’t worry too much—Elon University has partnered with two local businesses to service the hardware repair needs of our students.

What we do

Eliminating student repair services allows CTS to more effectively address the technology needs of faculty, staff, and classrooms in order to improve the educational experience of students at Elon. Even though we no longer address hardware issues at the Technology Help Desk, we are still able to assist students in a variety of ways:

  • Password resets – We can reset passwords for your OnTrack and email accounts (your email account is the same account used for Moodle and the wireless network)
  • Downloading Microsoft Office – We support students downloading their free copy of Microsoft Office through Kivuto’s E-Academy site
  • Wireless configuration – We assist students in configuring mobile devices to the wireless network on campus

Where can I go?

If you do encounter hardware issues, Elon University has partnered with Best Buy’s Geek Squad and The Computer Dept., both conveniently located off University Drive, to fix hardware problems. So, if you spill a glass of water on your keyboard, or your computer has crashed and won’t load, you can visit either location to have your device examined. Both locations utilize skilled technicians to resolve a variety of hardware problems from sound cards to motherboards. The Computer Dept. is located at 1409 University Drive, #102, and for more information call 336-756-7654. You may receive more information about Best Buy’s Geek Squad by calling 336-584-029, or visiting 1465 University Drive.

But what about the purchase program?

If you purchased a computer on Elon University’s computer purchase plan, we regret to say that we can no longer work on your computer. However, if you purchased the on-site repair through Dell, a Dell technician will come to Elon’s campus to fix your computer. If you have a Mac product, you may visit the Geek Squad or The Computer Dept. to have your warranty honored. If you experience any complications during your visit, please notify the Technology Help Desk with your concerns.

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