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Learning about Moodle

6 Quiz Tips for Moodle

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The Moodle Quiz is a powerful tool, and can save you hours of grading (or at least the walk to-and-from Belk Library to drop off and pick up your Scantrons). With only minor tweaking, your Quiz can be automatically graded, with the results released to your students when you choose. It's very easy to assess and ...

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Preparing your spring course in Moodle

By: Klearchos Kapoutsis

Winter term has flown by and spring semester will be starting on February 4th. Now’s the time to prepare your spring semester Moodle courses! Below you will find some useful tips and links to allow this process to be as smooth as possible.  Setup your course All spring semester course shells have been created. If you've taught ...

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4 Moodle tips for teaching Winter Term courses

Photo - Walking into a blizzard

Teaching a course in Winter Term can be intense. Not only do you have less time to teach the class, you also have less time for the out-of-class work. Things like providing feedback and entering grades are two time-consuming aspects of any course that can become overwhelming in the condensed schedule of a Winter Term ...

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Create quick quizzes in Moodle with Word

alphabet - multiple choice

Moodle quizzes can save you time. They grade themselves automatically and are available for students to complete outside of classtime. Moodle quizzes can also be a helpful tool if you’re interested in flipped instruction or just-in-time teaching. Despite these benefits, quizzes are an underused feature in Moodle because they look intimidating and can be time-consuming ...

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Learn Moodle via a MOOC


A MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is a free course, available to anyone. Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction is a MOOC, offered by, for beginners interested in learning the basics about how to use Moodle as a learning platform. The course will feature weekly webcast tutorials, as well as activity-based learning that allows users to practice creating their own courses, while utilizing all of the tools that Moodle has to offer, such as chats, forums, quizzes, wikis, and more. This is a good opportunity to experiment with a MOOC while learning about Moodle.

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Get your Moodle course ready for fall


It’s that time again! Fall semester is quickly approaching, bringing with it the need to prepare your Moodle course. Below you will find some useful links to help make this process as smooth as possible. Setup your course For a list of the basic steps that are essential to setting up your Moodle course for the semester, ...

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Collaboration and organization with Moodle’s database activity

Archive Files

The Database activity in Moodle is a powerful tool for gathering and organizing information. Even better, it’s highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the needs of your course. Below are some ideas for integrating this activity into your course plan. Showcase student projects – Upload pictures, documents, and descriptions of past students’ work ...

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Exciting new Assignment features in Moodle 2.4

One student can submit on behalf of their group, and your grade and feedback automatically goes to the other members.

We're excited to announce the newest Moodle update was applied Thursday, July 11th. This release comes with some of the best changes yet, both behind the scenes and within your course sites. Performance and security improvements were a large focus in this update, and we should all be enjoying an even faster, safer site. But some ...

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Moodle Show and Tell: Religious studies professor Lynn Huber

Show and Tell.

This week, Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) is featuring Lynn Huber, associate professor of religious studies, and her REL 325 course page with its use of the highlight feature, Wiki page integration, and incorporation of photos. In its new Moodle series, Moodle Show and Tell, TLT highlights Elon faculty who have constructed especially useful, helpful, ...

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Tips for providing online feedback in virtual courses

Professor Feedback Photo

Dr. Cheri Crabb with Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) hosted the third online course discussion group for new online faculty on Wednesday, May 9. These discussion groups focus on enhancing face-to-face courses for online environments, and each meeting has an emphasis on a particular topic. This meeting concentrated on ways faculty can provide online feedback to ...

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