Students can backup work with Google Drive

Many may not realize it, but ElonGoogle-Drive University’s partnership with Google Apps for Education provides students with 30GB of cloud storage space through Google Drive. This robust tool allows students to back up files and folders to the cloud, to actually create files through apps integrated with Google Drive, and to share those files with other individuals who have a Google account. In the past, students have traditionally used the U:Drive to store work, but the extensive tools Google Drive offers makes this the new preferred method for storing data.

How do I access Google Drive?

Accessing Google Drive is as easy as logging into your university email account and selecting Drive from the Google Apps menu. For detailed instructions, learn more about accessing Google Drive on the Technology Wiki.

What can I do with Google Drive?

Google Drive’s robust capabilities allow students to do many office-related projects directly in their web browser through Google Drive’s connections with various Google Apps. Users can create word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and more through Google Drive’s create feature. For more information about the various features available through Google Drive, please visit our Technology Wiki documentation on using Google Drive.

How’s this different from the U:Drive?

In the past, students used their network storage U:Drive to store data. Google Drive operates in the same way, but with several distinctions: students receive more storage space and they retain their Google Drive accounts forever. In contrast, access to the U:Drive is terminated after students graduate or leave the university.

What if I use the U:Drive for class to design websites?

Since Elon University’s partnership with Google Apps for Education has grown, it is recommended that students migrate away from utilizing their public_html folders in their U:Drive, instead using Google Sites to build websites. For more information, visit our Technology Wiki for more information on Google Sites.

If you have further questions about accessing your Google Drive account, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200 or visit the Google Drive Help Center.

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Ryan Gay

Ryan Gay

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