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If you want your students to have the opportunity to learn extra credit in your class, there are a couple of ways you can do that in Moodle. Learn how to create an Extra Credit category for your course.

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If you have a policy in your course of dropping a certain number of lowest grades for a particular type of activity, then using Categories in your Moodle Gradebook really comes in handy. Learn more about using this feature in your course.

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Is it possible for Moodle to show students one course total and you another? Yes, it is! Usually this is a matter hiding versus excluding grades. Learn more about the difference and how you can use these features in your course.

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If you want to add or edit grades in Moodle for all assignments for one student or for one assignment for all students, the Single view choice in gradebook is a good place to start. Learn more about this feature.

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Moodle Gradebook offers key advantages for instructors and students. Learn more about how you can gain a better understanding of Moodle Gradebook and how to setup the tool for your course.

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When the unexpected occurs and you can’t make it to campus, cancelling class is not your only option. Consider using online alternatives instead.

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Last spring, Moodle quizzes were created in almost 200 courses across the University. Many faculty have turned to the Moodle Quiz tool as an alternative to traditional Scantron bubble sheets. Whether you were one of the many who utilized this tool for administering quizzes, or you are new to this feature-rich tool, here are some features to consider when designing and delivering your online quizzes in Moodle.

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When inclement weather, illness, or travel requires you to be away from campus, consider using online alternatives to engage students in the work of your class. ------------------------------ Update: Please see the current version of this article here. Many of the tools listed below are no longer available at Elon.  ------------------------------ Here are a few simple suggestions: Use Moodle as ...

Apple announced yesterday that the latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 6, will be released on September 19. The new iOS, which will be available through an over-the-air download, will offer 200 new features including the Apple-created mapping app. Read more...

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Campus Technologies held their 5th annual Connected @Elon event on Monday, August 27th during New Student Orientation. Created to help new students learn about the technology available to them on campus, Campus Technologies staff staged a game of Family Feud, complete with commercials featuring technology services. Scott Hildebrand (Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies), Mariah ...