April Acorn Accolade goes to Christina Bonds

Posted on: May 5, 2016 | By: Elizabeth Kirkhorn | Filed under: Tech Tips

BondsAwardApril’s Acorn Accolade was presented to Christina Bonds, an Application Developer in Web Technologies. The Acorn Accolade is awarded each month to an Instructional and Campus Technology (I&CT) employee to recognize his or her exemplary service to Elon.

Bonds is recognized for her instrumental role in developing the Elon Payment Gateway. In her work on this project, she was successful in creating a project that not only exceeds the ability of other online commerce applications but also adheres to all standards for computer connection. Bonds is additionally commended on her teamwork, as she is known to work cooperatively with peers and seek the most fruitful solution to any problems that may arise.

Bonds has previously worked on cyber security initiatives, a field which she is very passionate about. Bonds occasionally blogs regarding information security and is working on initiatives to raise awareness on Elon’s campus for this cause.

I am honored to be a recipient of this award,” Bonds said.  “It was a great surprise to me, and I appreciate those who took notice of my work.  I am so grateful to work with people who are always willing to help each other succeed.  This award strengthens my confidence to continue to provide the highest level of excellence.”


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