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Earlier this spring, Capturethe Technology Service Desk launched our FootPrints service, giving faculty, staff, and students the ability to report non-urgent technology problems online. Since the launch, many faculty and staff have taken to using this service as a convenient alternative to calling the Technology Service Desk.

How does it work?

First, log into our FootPrints site with your Elon email username and password. An account will be automatically created for you and you will see any open tickets you currently have with Instructional & Campus Technologies. If you have open tickets, you can review notes entered by a technician, or update the ticket yourself with requests for updates or to provide additional information.

If you need to report a non-urgent technology problem, you can click the ‘New Issue’ link and submit a ticket. Please remember to be as detailed as possible when submitting your request. Important information you’ll want to provide is: any troubleshooting actions you have taken; any identification numbers for equipment (e.g., AV numbers, Ricoh EID numbers); and times you’ll be available should a technician need to contact you. If we require more information, a Technology Service Desk analyst will contact you at the provided number.

Finally, you can use FootPrints to learn of any “global” issues—problems that are affecting multiple users campus-wide. If there are any global issues open, you can subscribe to them in order to receive any updates as they become available.

‘I love the customer portal’

Alyssa Donohue, program assistant for the School of Communications and Sport and Event Management, is one staff member who frequently uses FootPrints to report technology problems. ‘I love the customer portal,” Donohue said. “It’s very convenient, especially when I do not require immediate help with an issue.”

Donohue added that she views FootPrints as ‘very user friendly.’ Additionally, Donohue noted that she has already recommended FootPrints as a tool to fellow faculty and staff as a convenient alternative to reporting issues to the Technology Service Desk.

It is important to note, however, that FootPrints should not be used to report urgent issues. If your technology issue requires an immediate response (e.g., no classroom technology is working during a class), you should still contact the Technology Service Desk by phone at 278-5200.

For questions regarding use of the FootPrints portal, feel free to contact the Technology Service Desk by phone or Ryan Gay at

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Ryan Gay

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