Jordan Ennis

A Scavenger Hunt Gone Wrong

This is the story of a scavenger hunt I participated in soon after I arrived in Tanzania. It didn’t quite go to plan!



Mia Wilson

Lost in San José


During my study abroad in Costa Rica I would attend class in 15 minutes from my home in the city. The story I tell is about my experience getting lost in San José and my perseverance when it came to spending time with and being incorporated into family outings even when I was physically, mentally, and emotionally, exhausted.


Sydnie Holder, Sally Long, & Alexa Lugo

Sydnie Holder

This is the story of the worst day of my time abroad. I learned the hard way that the city of London does not have a lost and found.

Sally Long

Free Night Out

Telling the story of the time we all went out in China and were given a ton of things for free because we were foreigners.

Alexa Lugo

The air is different in ruins of Pompeii. On a trip to the ancient city I felt a deep connection to the beauty and death that surrounded me.