Open Letter to Barry O

Hey Barry,

Before I delve into my spiel on the humanitarian aid efforts of your administration and our country in general, I would like to point out something that you and I have in common. We are both Americans. So while you might be leader of the free world and a very powerful man, I am writing to you as one American to another.

Each year it seems that the United States looses ground to foreign countries in a variety of ways. Whether it be jobs, public esteem, or wars America is not the mighty nation of our grandfather’s days. Instead of trying desperately regain footing by passing bills through the traffic jam that is our Congress, or going on Goodwill trips to Africa, something radically different needs to be done in order to improve our relationship our global neighbors.

In Linda Polman’s book, War Games: The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times, she points out how humanitarian aid can affect a population and its region if given improperly. While our country gives more aid than any, the way in which we do it doesn’t always work out the way we hoped. Examples of this include Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. So how do we solve this problem. Why is it that when ever we try to help somebody it backfires?

The problem lies in the American genetic code; our DNA. Since the Second World War, the United States has steadfastly believed that we are the answer to ills and conflicts around the world. In addition to that, with the current economic climate of our country, more effort should be focused on how to solve our problems before helping with other nations. I don’t see a future too bright where we cannot help support ourselves, let alone the other people of the globe.

In efforts like Power Africa, I do believe this will stimulate not only spending in our economy, but it will improve goodwill with African nations. Yet because of the  high corruption of the continent that you yourself speak of, how can we be sure our funding will not be stolen away by parasitic dictators and nations. In order for foreign projects that are Made in USA to succeed, we must be able to ensure that foreign corruption is not going to have its sticky little fingers on it.

As an American I will commend that your voice is different from your predecessors. You don’t puff out your chest and put your cowboy boots on the desk and dictate how the deal is going to go. You’re respectful, listening to all parties, then making a decision.

You have until January 20th, 2017 to make a positive impact on this world. There are many issues and conflicts that you will not be able to solve simply due to the number. But if you can make this country as well liked as it was 60 years ago and while maintaining a high standard of living, you have succeeded. You will have taken care of people outside our borders as well as within. You are my President, I support you 100%. But it is time for a change.




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