Tyler Lehmann: Introduction

My name is Tyler Lehmann and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ a rising sophomore here at Elon and I want to major in Environmental Science though I’m technically undecided. I’m minoring in sociology, which is partly what peaked my interest in this class. I’m not a part of any service related extra curricular activities here at Elon but I did do Habitat for Humanity for a little with my high school in Baltimore City. Maybe this coming semester I’ll check out Elon’s Habitat program.

This past semester I took an Intro to Sociology class with Dr. Arcaro and loved it. After beginning to consider a minor in sociology, I asked Dr. Arcaro’s thoughts; hentold me I should take this class. At first I was intimidated – taking a 300-level course in what felt like my freshman year at Elon – but Arcaro assured me I would be prepared for the challenge.

After hearing him describe the class in SOC111 one day, many of the aspects sounded very similar to my Global Experience class. In my GST110 class, we studied all sorts of conflicts around the globe ranging from the rubber tappers of Brazil to the Kurds in the Middle East. There was a heavy emphasis on charity. Much like the book I read in SOC111, “Toxic Charity,” we discussed many of the different problems surrounding charities these days that people contribute to. We also talked about poverty and why certain areas will always seem to be “trapped.”

I’m hoping to delve more into global issues such as charity and poverty since I found it interesting in my sociology and global experience classes. I got a lot out of SOC111 with Dr. Arcaro on an educational and personal level, I am hoping the same will come from SOC376. Also I really like comics of all sorts, so expect comic strips in my future blog posts.

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    I’m also a rising sophomore, and I also feel a little intimidated by this class! However, like you, I’m very interested in this course material, and I’m excited to get started!