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My name is Jinbo Choi and I’m an international student originally from South Korea. I’m a rising junior majoring in International Studies concentrated in Africa. Having an international background along with my interests in travelling and learning the world, I’ve had opportunities to visit many different countries around the world. Since I studies abroad in Tanzania last semester, I couldn’t actively involve with the organizations that I was involved when I was a first-year student. I was involved with Elon Club Basketball, Elon Gospel Choir, Elon African Society, Japanese Club, and I helped the Diversity and Leadership conference as a planning committee. I chose organizations from many different interests and fields despite of the fact that I’m not a good basketball player or a good singer. I believe these activities would give me opportunities to meet people outside of my bubble and learn more about them, their beliefs, and their sub-cultures.

I was particularly interested in being a global citizen after I went to Peru for a service trip. I went with a local YMCA in my senior year of high school. The highlight of the trip was building a house on a hillside of Indenpendencia district in Lima. It was hard as I’ve never lifted and worked with loads of cements for seven hours for three days. Some of us were complaining including myself until we played soccer with local children there. It was a moment I will remember forever. They were happy. They had the best smiles I had ever seen. It got me thinking that I want to do the volunteer for them not because I had to, but because I want to. Then I realized how spoiled and over-blessed I was. The concept of ‘there are always people who have less than I do around the world’ started to make me want to become a global citizen.


mission trip to Lima, Peru

In my GST110 class, the course covered human trafficking, economic expansion of China, neo-colonialism, Social business and Social entrepreneurship, and globalization. Among the topics that the course covered, the Belarus Free Theatre was the most interesting topics among them. On the surface, Belarus covers itself as a republic but in fact it’s a dictatorship.
Belarus has been under the dictatorship of Lukashenko since 1994 and the government has been restricting freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and religion. Belarus Free theatre has been fighting against their government and now they are travelling around the world and raise awareness about Belarus to get international supports. The fact that they are sacrificing themselves for the freedom of Belarus was touching and made me think having a global consciousness is vital no matter where and who you are. Our world has gotten a global village, but ironically, people including myself are busier with our own lives and do not know enough about what’s going on globally. The reason why I chose this class is that I want to be more alert and active about the world.



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    “Then I realized how spoiled and over-blessed I was. The concept of ‘there are always people who have less than I do around the world’ started to make me want to become a global citizen.”

    I can definitely associate with the feelings that you experienced during your service trip to Peru. Every time that I have been on a service trip abroad, I have been through a period of culture shock and reverse culture shock that makes me self-loathing and motivated to change my style of life and the materialism that pervades it. Good for you for allowing those feelings to enable you to pursue global citizenship at a deeper level.