Dash Jepsen: Introduction

My name is Dash Jepsen. I am a rising junior studying political science with a minor in environmental studies and possibly religious studies and computer science.  I have no idea of what I want to do when I graduate, but what I tend to tell people is that I want to facilitate the implementation of advanced technologies for the betterment of mankind.  Our ability to create and manipulate is our greatest asset and its is only becoming more apparent in our day and age.  I am an active member of the Model UN club on campus and have attended conferences at Duke and University of Chicago.  Furthermore I am trying to start a debate team this fall.  If anyone wants to help, let me know!  I am unsure if I will study abroad while at Elon.  That being said, my family has done quite a bit of traveling with destinations ranging from Ecuador to Morocco.  My dream place to travel would have to be Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam.  I signed up for this course because I thought it deals with the most current and pressing issues we face as species.

I honestly felt a bit robbed when it comes to my GST 110 course.  My professor spent more time rambling about his life than he did teaching the class.  Furthermore, we had very little input/ discussion time, which I found frustrating.  Despite this, we did learn about the power of various corporations around the world, including the oppression of banana farmers in Costa Rica and the litigious nature of Monsanto.  We also studied the influence of major global institutions such as the World Bank, WHO, and UN.


My video is entitled “The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck”.  In it Jason Silva, a transhumanist thinker quotes Nicholas Humphrey stating “How fortuitous… for a species to find that its own ability to contemplate – to marvel at its own existence – has been evolutionarily advantageous… it has been biologically selected for because it informs our life with a sense of cosmic significance that makes us work harder, to persist and survive.”  This reminds me of the overview effect, a cognitive shift experienced by many astronauts as they stare down at our planet.  They report that this experience makes them realize the fragility of life and tears down the petty borders that divide countries.  I find these two ideas incredibly inspiring and very applicable to being a global citizen.  I think that if we all realized our interconnectedness and the fragility of our small planet in this massive universe we would have a much easier time solving our global issues.


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