Amanda Lang: Introduction

My name is Amanda Lang and I will be a senior next year. I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism and I am minoring in sociology. In the future I hope to be a sports reporter, a.k.a. the next Erin Andrews. I am not involved with any extracurricular activities that are directly related to this class, however I did go on an alternative break trip with Elon Volunteers. This past spring break I went to Jamaica for a week. While there, myself and the other students on the trip, worked with a school in a very rural, poverty stricken area of Jamaica. We taught the kids (ages 4-11) how to read and write as well as various math skills. The last day we were at the school, we took down a bunch of walls inside the school that were destroyed by a hurricane. Some of us painted new walls and others put them up. I really feel that my experience on that trip can contribute to this class. I would definitely say it is the closest I have come to becoming a global citizen. One of the main reasons I signed up for this course was because of my first hand experience with another country and the poverty that exists there. I also signed up for this course because I am a sociology minor and I thought it sounded really interesting.

Unfortunately, I transferred to Elon this year and I was exempt from taking the GST 110 class. At my old school there were no first year classes like GST 110 at Elon; however, I don’t feel that I am missing out too much by not taking this class because I feel that Elon does a good job of talking about global issues in various other ways, whether it be through classes, guest speakers, events on campus, etc. After taking this course, Becoming a Global Citizen, I hope to learn from other people taking this course about some of the things talked about in GST 110 as well as expand my knowledge of global issues and what it truly means to become a global citizen.

As far as other classes that relate to this course, I haven’t taken any that would tie in with Becoming a Global Citizen. I have only taken one other sociology class at my old school and it was Intro to Sociology. As a Communications major, I am not really exposed to classes  that concern global issues, humanitarian aid, etc. which is why I am excited to learn about these things through this course. The main thing I can think of that relates to this course would be my trip to Jamaica, as mentioned above. I hope to share more about this trip as the class progresses because it offered me an insight into a world I only read about or heard about on tv. You never think global issues are as bad as they really are until you are there experiencing it first hand. While reading an article about the causes of poverty, I found it interesting that it is mentioned almost half of the world, or 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day (Global Issues). When thinking about the kids at the school we worked at in Jamaica, it was clear that this is probably true for most of their families. Thinking about 3 billion people living like that is shocking to say the least.

Reading to one of the students at Hope Basic School in Treasure Beach, Jamaica308506_10201351197805690_868619689_n

Me and another girl painting new walls that were hung up inside the school



Shah, Anup. “Causes of Poverty.” Global Issues. 24 Mar. 2013. Web. 30 May. 2013. <>.

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    You’re break trips sound amazing. A few of my friends that went to other schools did stuff like that but I never knew Elon did it.

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    I definitely agree that Elon does a good job by talking about a bunch of global issues. As a transfer as well, I don’t feel like I have missed out on a huge part of what it means to be an Elon student. Part of being an Elon student is being a global citizen, and being more aware of different issues. Although many claim Elon is very stereotypical I believe we all are a small community who all have a common interest in making a difference in the world. It is very cool that you went with Elon Volunteers to teach kids and help make that difference!