A1: Introductions

hands globeIntroductions

Sometime before the beginning of class on June 4 please take the time to introduce yourself to the class.  Include your

(1) Class year, major(s), significant program involvement, relevant extra-curricular activities, and -importantly- why you signed up for this course.

(2) Describe your GST 110 class, listing the major topics you covered some of the areas that interested you the most.

(3) Describe other classes you have taken that may in some way be relevant to this course (international studies, pol sci, sociology, etc.)

You are encouraged to add a photo and a video link (note:  my definition of exemplary global citizen starts at about the 2:30mark) that is meaningful to you to give us all a deeper sense of who you are.

Grading rubric:

  • Due by 10:00pm EST June 4.
  • Late posts will be downgraded at least one letter grade.
  • Comments to at least two colleague’s posts by  June 5 at 10:00PM EST
  • List references at the bottom of the page (MLA format).
  • At least one photo and/or video link.
  • 200-500 words (excluding references).
  • Grade will be based on quality and quantity of response to the post prompt including adherence to the above benchmarks.

Please post under Assignments/Assignment 1 before you Publish.

Goal of this post:  To allow us to know each other better and thus lead to more engaging and meaningful interaction on our threaded discussions and other interactions during the course.

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