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Final exam: An Open letter to the Obama administration

An Open letter to the Obama administration

On June 30th the Obama administration announced a “Power Africa” initiative earmarking nearly $7 billion dollars for use over the next several years to “double access to power in sub-Saharan Africa.” The US and global media, particularly in Europe and Africa, have covered and commented on this story, and now it is your turn.

Through the reading and writing you have done for this course you have become a more aware and critical global citizen, and in africaparticular have become much better able to understand and to assess the complexities of humanitarian and development aid. Additionally you have amassed some terms, concepts and perspectives from the social sciences, specifically sociology, that make you able to articulate insights from an academic, though grounded, perspective.

For your final blog post I want you to write an open letter to President Obama where, using specific insights from each of the three books you read and the other materials you have accessed over the last four weeks, you provide comment and advice on his “Power Africa” initiative.

You can choose to focus narrowly and specifically on this recent initiative or be more broad and comment on any major aid initiatives that are undertaken by significant entities (be they governments, large NGO’s or foundations [e.g., Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation]) similar to to Obama’s initiative.

In other words, this is your chance as a global citizen to make a general comment on the nature and delivery of humanitarian and development aid.



  • Due by 10:00pm EST July 3rd.
  • Late posts will be downgraded at least one letter grade; no late posts will be accepted that are more than 24 hours late.
  • At least four citations: at least two from text and/or other assigned reading, and at least two from outside academic sources.  Note:  you are to read/watch/listen to all of the material in the hyperlinks in the parent post above; your contact with the material should be apparent in your post.
  • List references at the bottom of the page (MLA format).
  • At least one photo.
  • Minimum 0f 500 words (excluding references).
  • Grade will be based on quality and quantity of response to the post prompt including adherence to the above benchmarks.
  • Keep in mind that you are writing for a broad audience that is educated and interested in this topic; infuse your post with the sociology you are learning/have learned in a non-jargonistic manner

Please check Final before you Publish.






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