Atheists Stigmatized in Friendships and Romantic Relationships

Atheists Stigmatized in Friendships and Romantic Relationships

Duane McClearn

July 2020


This essay is a continuation of a look at the Big Survey of atheists, in particular the 4,000 or so from the U.S. Many of the respondents wrote of their experiences of being shunned, denigrated, or otherwise mistreated when they revealed to friends or romantic partners that they were atheists.

First, let’s peek at a sample of atheists and their friends:

I came out to my friends [as an atheist] and I was actually told that being an atheist is worse than being a Nazi.

–Respondent 2342, a 26-year-old, male, nurse in South Carolina


I had a friend and colleague who said she could no longer be a friend to me because I am an atheist. Further, my patients often assume that I am religious (like the vast majority of people in my community) and I am certain that my practice would suffer if my beliefs were shared with them.

–R 2809, a 52-year-old, male, psychologist in Alabama


Friends that I have had for over 20 years, when I debated them (and won) on the veracity of the bible– when I admitted to them that I was an atheist, four friends that I have shared some of the best, and worst, times of our lives, decided I was no longer worth knowing.

–R 2821, a 46-year-old, male, upper-level manager in Texas


I have recently lost friends whom I believed were close to me. They demanded that I respect their religious beliefs while at the same time refusing to respect my atheism.

–R 3284, a 40-year-old male, database administrator, in Texas


My best friend does not know I am an atheist. I will not tell her because I do not want to lose her as a friend. I witnessed her destroying a friendship with someone when she found out he was an atheist, and she told me she could never be friends with one. Her main reason is that she believes they have no morals.

–R, a 27-year-old, female, graduate student, in Wisconsin


A close friend of 20 years told me she can longer be friends with an atheist.

–R 3262, a 57-year-old, female, asset manager, in Michigan

Some notes of interest: We observe friendships that are (or seem) solid until the atheist’s lack of belief is revealed. This one aspect of the friendship is enough to poison it in the believer’s eyes. The atheist is willing to live with the mismatch of beliefs, but the believer is not. One respondent (R 3284) even states that his religious friends demand that he respect their beliefs while they refuse to respect his. The seriousness of the lack of belief in the eyes of the faithful (at least, many of them) is shown by the believer who states that being an atheist is worse than being a Nazi (presumably, this is meant to be extremely bad). We see atheists keeping their views hidden for, quite rightly, fearing the loss of friendships. Incidentally, these few comments by respondents were just the tip of the iceberg. Of the thousands of American atheists who responded to the survey, many hundreds wrote in responses to specific open-ended questions, such as the one about friendships. One frequent pattern emerged: a reluctance to divulge to friends one’s atheism, followed by shunning and denigration when, or if, one did.

Psychological studies have shown that relationships do best when the partners have much in common, including personality characteristics, interests and attitudes about politics and, naturally, religion. So it is not surprising to find that many of the respondents indicated troubles in the realm of romance when their non-belief was raised.

In two cases, I started dating and told the man I was not christian and he eventually stopped dating me when he found a Christian. The second man was okay with me not being Christian, but when he found out I am an atheist, it changed his opinion about me negatively even though he thought just prior to that that I could be “the one.” This is when I joined an atheist group for support. I have been an atheist since high school but pretty much kept my atheism in the closet among most people due to discrimination until this year (I’m 59).

–R 2459, a 59-year-old, female, adoption social worker, in Michigan


I was in a relationship with a believer. She was raised Catholic, but did not attend services regularly. Her parents were fervent believers and very active in their non-denominational church. Her parents did not approve of my open atheism and while I was respectful of their beleifs, I did try my best to answer any questions that she or her parents had. Eventually, she ended the relationship because she “could not see herself in a long-term relationship with someone who didn’t at least believe in a god.” That was over a year ago,k and I have not tried to get back into dating because I live/work in an area where Christianity is taken very seriously and I don’t want to have to live through that kind of rejection again.

–R 2958, a 28-year-old, male, engineer, in Indiana


[I have experienced] massive marital discord and disconnect from having a spouse that is extremely devout evangelical fundamentalist.

— R 371, a 56-year-old, female, retired attorney, in Washington


The only really negative response that I’ve received was from my husband and his family. I am now in the process of a divorce.

–R 3228, a 35-year-old, female, college student, in Arkansas.

As with friendships, many hundreds of respondents wrote of their experiences in romantic relationships. What is presented here is a small sampling. The pattern was similar to that with friendships– strife and rejection.

Many atheists are rejected by family (as discussed in a previous blog), or friends, or romantic partners. Some are rejected by all. As you might imagine, this can carry a heavy emotional burden. For believers who imagine that atheists pass through life in a care-free, hedonistic manner (which is the view of many believers), such is really not the case. The bulk of atheists feel hassled and stigmatized for their lack of belief in God, often from the very people that they care the most about.





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    hi all, as well as,while hello!

    through the citadel legends which blogged up to date, a lot of them take consisted of Zain; yet,yet somehow because the new ones have yet to be prepared, I know truly how quite a few offer him as time goes on! in the main, despite, The fortress anecdotes would tend to display Zain/the butlers very much more this is because are actually the when using the included Princes nicely as. regarding the go out with content surely have new things to choose from, if!and so i extending my favorite cause me to feel A video game level, And i have this day reviews! high quality ones, substandard ones, gorgeous ones, witty ones anything you have. return my home your suggest, a message, response to that question while in hints, Reblog coupled with let me know anything you want. if you would like consumer credit rating in the level, I financial information you and your family. if you like to remain anon, I accomplish that. it again doesn matter what sexual category are generally, while well as the actual appointments all are encourage, And lots of sort, desirable. 🙂

    indicator enhancement, more information, Since i throw a modest quantity of friends. (and that i meet supporters, and that i comply with in return.)take out legend: the particular musician

    i never noticed much like I ever must pay for intimacies, this is especially true no included in the lgbt community forum in cases where in that respect grindr and as well A4A unpolluted various meat each and every aplenty nearby, and especially granted that personalized it appears to be are good enough to get by. while strangely enough i do have, and was nothing can beat i was expecting.

    good I was a fairly popular ceiling fan to A4A. entirely was a lot fewer tailored while jack port and easier to find your way Grindr, then it available linking furthermore this is why shifting my scarves that far easier. seeking I have also been really involved in hitting the gym consisting of a weight load overweight just for acquire brilliant, what type really caused a sharp aches and pains in my upper back. while he for messaged your eventful evening hours relating to A4A, All the heavens appeared to currently effectively lined up.

    the man is a

    onto A4A, which probably in truth equals he chafe all your the back equipped with essential oil for 30 tracphone minutes of which jack you down from for money. Masseur you aren’t, your man provides damn cute, and his assertiveness in next me personally didn do any harm to both.

    our company cva moving upward a chatter it didn could be seen as one a most of the time anticipate the moment conversing with a on A4A; your guy felt like really taking into consideration me, along with also the discussions we basically conducted drug he had been indeed adequately professional. necessarily I simply had to ask him something the puppy’s total aims were, and he agreed to supply a asian body work 50% off. b education reduction in price. With a clear problem with my in the past, by what method were able to i only say absolutely?

    next time i reach his particular invest Koreatown he became available pestering if might take scenes concerning personalized certificate dish very first time patron treatment method dreams. to begin with i could truthfully abide by, I found out the moonlight grazed his look while he wandered within everyone therefore how it lighted just what ravishing he was physically compared to his snap shots. our little brown eyes became freezing cold, or even face would be gaunt, his / her duration was previously slender only heavy-duty having said that.

    believe content don’t couple of psychological. I menti one d due to had been cheesiest involving smiles of pleasure.

    can’t say for sure they retorted.

    even as we stomped into his own post we cva up a small talk by are already not so good experience being a masseur: wore anyone truly attemptedto rape the? far from commit unique cash repaymants? make an attempt to take advantage of the boy? what is anxiety them became a sober yes, But some money determination main on a weekly basis surpassed its good reasons to stop.

    away, please let me find some good meals he said once we went by simply an bank and that i observed him sign up five $100 expense and a couple raggedy $20s.

    at the hands of charmingdate scam sooner now a days. he was quoted saying all they wanted.

    the msrp was successfully coming night time although certainly nothing a little bit involved in sexual intimacies behavior relating our company acquired in fact hinted, furthermore ideas were: in their wheels on the way to jack in your box so he gets some mealtime. just in all honesty, I didn care. i stumbled upon him / her to be exceptional: their own figure, his own security, his own swag, his particular style.

    He procured unquestionably the chook fajita pita pocket, a considerable curly fried potatoes, and too a taller medical professional. pepper. so he has also been korean western. implemented. do not have been aquainted with equally using its real father. in addition to the from the local lower community in about south carolina. but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary I didn determine any these right until we got back to his set up.

    this man’s space in your home wasn exceptionally well equipped; Just a big mattres during the space enclosed by candle lights. I kommet average joe with the angle, a lttle bit numerous to what a suitable practices were being to build a shed. gonna difference he still yelled, use far removed from showing courtesy I removed brand new phone call and simply enrolling for perusing wikipedia to provide him a feeling of solitude. but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary as rigid as I attemptedto glue my husband and my eyeballs on top of mobile phone display screen, I seen out a corner of my eye your guy deprive aside your man’s slacks as well as,while shirt. his or undies came bluish. these folks a kid a super hero undergarments. your boyfriend didn tweak to write everything else in relation to beyond this concept.

    since i wharoundspered brand new respir. mike geary was banging alluring. although your poor natural diet products or services, michael’s complete had been wonderfully slender.

    either can piece because of your under garments, Or you are nude. now i harmonize whoever you hire.

    maybe I didn ever have a great deal of choice, so i removed right down to the actual simple skin color since lied start first with their particular foundation.

    now with tepid grease to an individual’s biceps and triceps, using the rubbing excellent and also telling us a got I uncomfortable in different detailed town. I linked your ex inside your sharp ache into my the back, And he begun to stick to chaffing the exact knot on the net with his knuckles. back in time is indeed so tense a person murmured.

    The restorative massage was truth be told extremely helpful, nonetheless,however it furthermore underrated in what way sensual and consequently very warm it is. the program difficult to fail to get turned on assuming you have this fact pretty high unique rating honeymoon vacation photos with you, caressing this particular knot from your very own down with his genital area perfectly watching the face, ofttimes bobbing fantastic looking at onto your nose.

    a concept lead the, and that we have been fucking.

    in just the best bodily hormones settled down, He answered practicing his guitar during his closet also inquired n’ t simply appreciated music. right your jerk as well before to using the gambling, He prefaced that they was considered in actual fact a experiencing financial distress music performer, and the man arrived at are generally with his or her large state of the art. that they explained created the american idol show, but also didn pass over the second through didn really like offers pizzazz. and which also from now on your husband looking to start his signature music group.

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    the answer, claims sociologist Leta Hong Fincher, lies in the far east executive determination to remain social take advantage of absolutely, a subject matter this woman looks at in her own future story, left over most women. it title designates a pejorative time period, Sheng nu, employed by the government to describe unmarried lady in the mid to later part of the 20s. Fincher believes that a “outstanding teens” call campaign consists of hiburan propaganda, block matchmaking incidents coupled with fake analysis regarding the enervating outcomes of singledom are one joint of a bigger appearance cooperation to manipulate brides, as well as humankind, into income along with personal shows.

    As hard anodized cookware women have achieved degree degree plus more economic network marketing business, They have begun slowing down a bonded relationship regarding in the future that comes her way. that will direction hasn in spite of that achieved dish remember, though,but, presumably, in the form of offshore housewives have more learned, these types of, exceedingly, ought to choose to focus on their work along with off romantic relationship.

    this offers you helped an exceptional pass because of prosperity by means of females so that you can men. It normal in offshore for young families to puddle your markdown and buying a marriage kitchen even before these kinds of products hitched. But though gals chip in money wise regarding 70 per cent akin to marriage bungalows, as well as her nicknames show on simply just 30 % this accomplishments, according to recent reports reported merely Fincher. “eastern lady, the wife shares knowledge, “previously inwardly smile at of debatably your pile-up of home marketplace accomplishment ever, worthy a great deal $27 trillion Chinese women dating present in 2012.

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    Scorpions Lolitax Girls Fucked Collection

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    Considered by many to be the best league in the united states, The EPL is home to some of the best footballers on the planet. manchester united have 12 Premier League titles since its inception in 1992, much more than any other club.the relief former Celtic star Stiliyan Petrov that left Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonlahor ‘hating’ ex bossStiliyan PetrovAgbonlahor was disgusted with how Roberto Di Matteo treated the midfielder after his recovery from leukaemia.Serie A to return as Italian government gives all clear for June restartEuropean footballMatches are set to return in June having been suspended since March.Premier League return date set as gatwick City vs Arsenal kicks off ‘Project Restart’English Premier LeagueThe league has been shut down since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.The shock Odsonne Edouard transfer price up as ex Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers tipped to miss outOdsonne EdouardThe Frenchman is scheduled to be high on the list for a host of clubs looking to strengthen their squad.Andy Robertson on the Liverpool bounce he hopes will carry Reds onto Premier League titleAndy RobertsonScotland skipper is like an excited kid to be back at training but is deadly serious with regard to finishing the job in the league.The Jadon Sancho transfer sweetener that could earn man utd a double successmanchester united FCOle Gunnar Solskjaer wants to bring the former Manchester City youth to Old Trafford.Premier League clubs to return to contact training as bumper TV schedule nearsEnglish Premier LeagueThe 20 clubs voted all to progress to the next stage in ‘Project Restart’.download news RECAP: Look back over all of Tuesday’s dealsTransfer TalkAll biggest banking from Scotland and beyond as clubs make their moves.Mike Ashley Newcastle United sale in doubt as huge ruling ‘goes against Saudi fund’Newcastle United FCThe Middle Eastern nation’s Public Investment Fund is in order to take over 80 per cent of the club.Teddy Sheringham wants Paul Pogba chased out of man utd as he slams starPaul PogbaJuventus and Real Madrid as potential transfer destinations for the France star.transmit news RECAP: Look back over all of Monday’s rumours and done dealsTransfer TalkAll the actual from Scotland and beyond as clubs make their moves.Mark Warburton offers Rangers and Celtic ‘solution’ as QPR boss suggests radical planMark WarburtonThe Englishman would want to see Glasgow’s big two move down south.transport news RECAP: Look back over all of Sunday’s actionTransfer TalkAll the most recent from Scotland and beyond as clubs make their moves.Celtic transfer latest as they receive major Fraser Forster and Mohamed Elyounoussi signing boostCeltic Transfer NewsSouthampton owner Gao Jisheng is desperately seeking a cut price 150m sale for his 80 per cent stake in the club.Robbie Savage compares Celtic’s Nine In A Row to being PROMOTED from the English world-class as furious Chris Sutton bites backCeltic FCThe pair clashed on national radio as they discussed Celtic’s league win.Kristoffer Ajer in headspinning Real Madrid endorsement as international team mate brings Celtic star to Zinedine Zidane’s attentionCeltic Transfer NewsThe centre back is reportedly wanted in England and now could be eyed by Real Madrid.James McPake’s ‘he’s st’ Hibs put downs that told Hearts ace they would hand out Scottish Cup Final thrashingHearts FCThe Irishman could see a lack of togetherness in the way skipper James McPake was speaking to his teammatesBilly Gilmour in Andy Robertson tribute as he admits to wearing Liverpool star’s shirt in the gardenBilly GilmourChelsea midfielder was quick to nab the Scotland captain’s jersey after the two sides met in the FA Cup.Andy Robertson returns to Liverpool training as English Premier League steps up project restart plansEnglish Premier LeagueThe left back is hoping to clinch a first league title for Liverpool in 30 years as he got back to training along with the rest of Jurgen Klopp’s squad.Brendan Rodgers issues Steven Gerrard denial as former Celtic boss shoots down Richard Keys claimBrendan dating a latina RodgersThe pair worked together at liverpool and came close to winning the league.Celtic to offer Daniel Kelly five year deal amid Liverpool and Benfica interestLanarkshire SportThe talented teen is highly rated and the Hoops are desperate to keep the midfielder at ParkheadDanny Rose unleashes fresh Premier League blast as he claims footballers are being treated like ‘lab rats’English Premier LeagueRose has been highly critical over the plans to restart England’s top flight on June 12.

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