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Impressions of Robben Island by Taylor Ferguson

On Monday January 9, 2012 the SASA class of 2012 took a unique tour of Robben Island. I have recently learned that the tour our class received was a special experience that no past SASA classes have been privileged to. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Story Telling in Post-Apartheid South Africa: How the truth help set the nation free by Eileen Rogan

I will start my reflection by using South Africa’s amnesty rendering action of truth telling, which has played a pivotal role in preserving peace post-apartheid. The truth is that I have yet to completely process and work through the meaning … Continue reading

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South Africa’s Future Prospects by Jacob Wyde

As the honeymoon period of Nelson Mandela’s presidency fades away, South Africa must face the harsh reality of the country’s current status. With an unemployment rate ranging close to 40% and one of the highest murder and crime rates in … Continue reading

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Soweto by Danielle Vandenbulcke

 Soweto, the South Western Township, is currently the largest township in South Africa.  In addition to the astonishing size of this township, Soweto is also famous for the student uprisings that took place in the South African winter of 1976.  … Continue reading

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The Importance of Kruger National Park: Preserving South Africa’s Big Five by Hannah Parker

Kruger National Park is one of the most renowned protected areas in the world and is a South African national symbol.  It was established under government protection in 1898, but was not open to the public until 1927.  This national … Continue reading

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The Safari Experience by Katie Nolan

Today was our first full day in Kruger. Kruger National Park is around 2 million hectares of wildlife. It is the home of a variety of species including 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds, and 147 … Continue reading

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The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: A New Apartheid by Julie Ronecker

Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes AIDS as the “new apartheid” that is “another relentless oppression denying its victims the basic rights of health and human dignity.” According to the Worth Health Organization, over 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, … Continue reading

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Soweto: A Microcosm of South Africa by Jacob Selzer

On June 16th, 1976 a thirteen-year old boy was shot on a street corner during what was supposed to be a peaceful student protest.  His death would spark a bloody student uprising throughout the surrounding area and beyond against the … Continue reading

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Unlocking Chains, Unlocking Doors: The Role of Education in South Afica by Pat McLendon

     It is said that “education is key” however, the saying in conversation never continues to say what doors that key unlocks. For underprivileged South African children, the key of education unlocks doors that lead the way out of their … Continue reading

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The Homeless Population of South Africa by Anna Hartman

Simply walking down the street in Capetown or Johannesburg can tell you much about the polarized demographic in South Africa. Every day we are overwhelmed by the army of homeless that populate the street corners, parks, and doorframes of Capetown … Continue reading

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