Khalil Moore: Diversity is a Necessity

Diversity is one big boiling pot of people from different cultures and backgrounds. A humongous pot of different languages, styles, and attitudes, of everything- nothing or no one is the same. That’s amazing, do you realize that everyone is different in their own way? No culture is the same, some are similar or share similar things but no culture is the exact same. No one is the same and we need to know that and understand that. We need to accept and appreciate that. Why? Why do you need to know how someone acts or how a certain group celebrates or how they communicate? We might not need to know if we stay in our room and do puzzles all day; if we’re on a college campus we need to know these things. Campus diversity is important, very important for us students because campus diversity is our first step towards success. College campuses are the perfect places because they are small places where people bring a wealth of different experiences to share with each other and also to learn from each other. Through these interactions may be where you start to see things differently, see things in a new but different perspective. The Impact of Diversity on Campus  writes that a diverse campus not only will make room for new perspective but for new thinking along with your personal growth. This not only enhances a relationship but this potentially increases opportunities for you. If we don’t cease the opportunity to the diversity around us, then we’re just hurting ourselves.

Most of us might not ever  be or will ever be outside the states (United States). We might not have money to travel and see the Bahamas, or go to London and see the Eiffel tower. This doesn’t mean our next best move is to watch a Netflix series on London; the next best thing is to live through our friends who know the real deal about their own land, who know the ins and outs. Who better to go to for a cultural experience than someone who has lived through it? “Ask Yahoo” isn’t going to tell us if they’ve never been. You’re able to travel the world without having to get on a plane, bus or, train. In doing so we expand our worldliness; diversity on a college campus grants us the opportunity to have a genuine interaction with natives from much more different backgrounds than our own. Theses interactions enhance our social development, but more importantly it prepares us students for our future. I cannot think of any jobs on earth that don’t involve others who are a different race than you or share a different culture than you. No matter what field you work in you will work with people who are from different places or who do different things; there will be times where you’re either part of the majority or minority. Either way, you should know how to operate in any environment whether you’re the majority or minority. Being exposed to different humanities and traditions grant you the opportunity to learn and appreciate how things are done in other places. Once you’re able to accept others rituals you’re able to adapt to any setting.

Being open to different beliefs is important because the world we live in is so diverse that if you can’t interact with others that you will not thrive in today’s world. You will not thrive because you’re not comfortable and or ignorant to what’s going around you. Put you in the shoes of a 16-year-old boy that attends Charlotte Country Day School in South Charlotte, North Carolina; a pronominally white high school that is very prestigious located in the wealthiest part of Charlotte, North Carolina. You are a great student, an overachiever, and the child to parents that went to great universities and graduated and went on to being CEOs of their companies. You never really been exposed to another environment but the one you’re surrounded by. How would you feel if I dropped you if in the middle of Hidden Valley? Hidden Valley, a neighborhood in Charlotte who has the highest crime rate throughout all of Charlotte and is responsible for at least half of the cities murders.  You would feel uncomfortable and lost; you would feel trapped and wouldn’t know how to fit in. Lauren Lyons The Curious Conundrum of the Code-switching Token Teacher she mentions how we as people unconsciously change depending on our environment. In my example, you might not be able to change to another identity if you never been around a different setting of people. If you’ve never been exposed to a different culture or cultures than you can feel uncomfortable and or left out because you do not know what’s going on. Diversity on a college campus breaks the ice before we have to with others. Diversity is a great conversation starter and a great way to get to someone. I feel knowing other cultures and other people’s backgrounds allow you to be comfortable. Not knowing cultures and the history of people makes interactions uncomfortable and awkward.

Having a diverse campus is not all about knowing about others backgrounds and what is important to them in their cultures. Being a diverse campus is a group of people who are different being able to work with each other to achieve something. Diversity on a college campus can help you develop social skills while working with others. Being able to express yourself in a respectful manner with others is a great asset to have; being able to express your ideas among a group of people who are all very unique is another great quality. If you’re able to work and express yourself amongst others than you can own any situation you’re put in. These skills are beneficial for your future success because these skills show that you’re confident around others and, that you know how to conduct yourself too. Additionally, you’re a lot more attractive to major companies if you attend a diverse school accordingly to How Racially Diverse Schools and Classrooms Can Benefit All Students . Money hungry companies want employees comfortable working with other assistants and clients, and/or buyers who are from diverse cultural backgrounds that you may or may not be familiar with. Diversity will make you relatable if you’re able to relate to others about other subjects than the one that connected you that makes for a better relationship. Being knowledgeable about different cultures will make you aware of what is culturally accepted and what is not. If you’re culturally accepted and culturally relatable then, you will always be relevant.  

Diversity on a college campus is the first step towards your success after college. Your success is important to you, right?  How much you value your success during college, should be just as much as how you value your campuses diversity. Diversity is important on a college campus because without any mixture of different cultures and beliefs you’re oblivious to others. We’re not only oblivious other cultures but, we are ignorant to what goes on in our communities around us.  Diversity is important because through different interactions with people and events held on campus we can learn about each other. Not understanding other people’s traditions and ways of life is not a good thing; we need to know how to interact and operate well with people from different cultures we’ve never met before.  “Diversity is not a characteristic of life; it is a condition necessary for life… like air and water”, Barry Lopez.