Social Technology and Psychological Effects: Additional Resources

Antisocial Networking?

This article, by Hilary Stout, discusses the controversy of whether the abundance of online communication rather than face-to-face communication is benefiting the strength of adolescents’ relationships, or hindering them.


Break Free From Your Social Media Addiction

This article, written by Julia Edelstein, gives easy to follow tips on how to cut down on your social media usage. For example, Edelstein suggests “Implementing Rules”, “Checking With Purpose”, and “Signing Off For A Weekend”.


Cyberbullying: Causes, Effects, and Remedies

This is a study conducted by Dianne L. Hoff and Sidney N. Mitchell of the University of Maine. They discuss how cyberbullying manifests, how it effects it bullies and victims, and how the reactions of the community hurt the ultimate outcome of retaliation.


Cyberbullying Research Center

This website provides information on cyberbullying for educators, parents, and teens. Resources about what cyberbullying is, how it affects people, and means of getting help are provided through blogs, books, presentations, and first-hand accounts.


Cyberbullying on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression

This website provides parents with information about the link between depression in teens to the phenomenon of cyberbullying. It provides statistics and studies about the effect of cyber bullying on mental health.


CyberPsychology and Behavior

This study examines the relationship between wellbeing and social networking sites. They identified that the tone of the text received over social media was the determining factor in the self-esteem and wellbeing.


How having smartphones (or not) shapes the way teens communicate 

This article, by Monica Anderson, discusses and shows how online communication can help teens stay in touch and plan activities to do in person together. It generally analyzes the positive impact of this use of online communication between teens.


Media and Children Communication Toolkit

The American Academy of Pediatrics Media and Children Communication focuses on tips for parents when administering technology to their children and how to encourage safe and healthy use of digital devices


Mobile and Interactive Media Use by Young Children: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

This publication goes over both the pros and cons that can result from children using technology. It also goes on to talk about what we don’t know in regards to the children and tech use.


Motivators of Online Vulnerability: The Impact of Social Network Site Use and FOMO.

This article examines FOMO and how increased use of cell phones can not only increase the fear of missing out but also decrease our self esteem.


Nomophobia: Dependency on Virtual Environments or Social Phobia?

This article talks about an illness called nomophobia which is the anxiety we get when our phone or cellular device is not available to us. There is also a case study included which was about a man who believed that the only way he could express himself was online and without that, he felt anxious and couldn’t talk to anyone. He became so attached to his device that without it he felt lost.


Study: Smartphones stunting students’ social skills

This source discusses the negative effects smartphones have on students social skills through supported by a study done by the University of California, Los Angeles.


Technology Device Ownership 2015

This website provides statistics on the increase in technological devices that people own in relations to age, sex, gender, income, education and community type.


Technology: Is Technology Stealing Our (Self) Identities? 

This article, by Jim Taylor, talks about how the online world and social technology can change the formation of our identities. Specifically, Taylor discusses how, with social technology, humans have become more externally driven through the feedback that is given.


The Relationship between Cell Phone Use, Academic Performance, Anxiety, and Satisfaction with Life in College Students.

This includes a study on how increased cell phone use can impact academic performance, satisfaction with life and anxiety.


The Technologisation of Childhood? Young Children and Technology in the Home

This publication talks about how children are being affected by the insurgence of technology and some statistics regarding how children devote their screen time and what devices they use.


7 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break From Social Media

This article on Elite Daily gives some examples on why taking a break from social media use could be beneficial to your life. One of the main questions this article looks into is “Do the benefits of social media really justify the amount of time we spend on it?”