Effects of Social Media Additional Resources

Another Time Point, a Different Story: One Year Effects of a Social Media Intervention on the Attitudes of Young People Towards Mental Health Issues

This article tells about how social media is used to promote information on mental illnesses and social media related health issues.

Are Teens Replacing Drugs With Social Media?

This article describes how social media gives the same type of gratification that drugs do and has become a new addiction for teens.

Commentary: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media. Academic Emergency Medicine

This article talks about the effects of social media on students.

Core Networks, Social Isolation, And New Media: How Internet And Mobile Phone Use Is Related To Network Size And Diversity

A peer-reviewed research article that finds that the change in isolation and social networks due to social media has not changed very much from before social media was created.

How Facebook Affects Our Relationships

A media article that explains some benefits and drawbacks on relationships due to the use of Facebook.

Online Social Networks and Friending Behaviour: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

The author provides insights into the reason behind friending on Facebook.

Percentage of U.S. Population with a Social Media Profile from 2008 to 2017

This data tells how many users have a social media profile in the past 10 years.

Russia’s Social Media vs. the Kremlin’s Domestic Information War

This article is about Vladimir Putin’s utilization of social media to shape public perception in Russia and around the world.

Social Media + Mental Illness: The Good and The Bad

This blog talks about how the author felt that social media affected herself and others that she had spoken too.

Social Media and Its Impact on Mental Health

This blog gives details on the impacts of social media on the mental health of young adults.

Social media and mental health in democracy movement in Hong Kong: A population-based study

This study tells about how social media affected adults in Hong Kong.

Social Media Use and Perceived Emotional Support Among US Young Adults

This article studies social media as an alternate form of emotional support and its effects on those who may have poor mental health.

Social Networking Sites and Our Lives

Another research article that describes the effects of social media on relationships, civic and political involvement and people’s trust.

Technology Addiction in Adolescents

This article describes internet addiction, explores the effects of internet addiction on adolescents, and determines which individuals are most frequently occupying the web.

The Impact of Social Media on Society

This article gives an explanation for the power behind social media that allows it to play such a big role in today’s society.

They Are Happier and Having Better Lives Than I Am’: The Impact of Using Facebook on Perceptions of Others’ Lives

A research that finds the different perceptions Facebook causes people to see.

War Goes Viral: How Social Media Is Being Weaponized Across The World

This article gives an in-depth look at how social media is used as a tool of public manipulation by groups such as ISIS, China, and Russia.

When using social media becomes socially destructive

This article gives advice on how to make good choices online so that it doesn’t become destructive towards yourself.