Social Technology and Psychological Effects: Additional Resources

Antisocial Networking? This article, by Hilary Stout, discusses the controversy of whether the abundance of online communication rather than face-to-face communication is benefiting the strength of adolescents’ relationships, or hindering them.   Break Free From Your Social Media Addiction This article, written by Julia Edelstein, gives easy to follow tips on how to cut down […]

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Olivia James: The Abuse of Social Technology is Hurting Adolescents

While social technology may not make kids inherently “crazy,” it can have an adverse affect on their mental health. Those most affected by social technology tend to be adolescents because they are the largest proponents of it. The rise of smartphones, particularly among this group, has created an opportunity for the all too common harassment happening in schools to […]

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Is Social Technology Making Kids Crazy?

Social technology is any kind of technology that facilitates social interactions and is a means of communication. This can include email, text messaging and social media. With the evolution and advancement of technology also comes the rise in popularity of this kind of communication technology. Particularly as technology becomes more popular, there is controversy as […]

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