Connor Gaudette: Marijuana Should be Rescheduled, not Legalized

Schedule 1 narcotics include heroin, LSD, ecstasy, bath salts, and marijuana. Notable drugs amongst Schedule 2 narcotics include methamphetamine and oxycodone. Alcohol, which causes almost 90,000 deaths annually, and tobacco, which causes more than 480,000 deaths annually, are both legal substances available to the public with no more restriction than the taxes put on them. […]

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Kyle Shutt: Meditation for All

Practicing mindfulness meditation should be a daily requirement for all k-12 students and faculty. The reason for this is because the benefits one receives from the continued practice of this technique are applicable to an abundance of situations and conflicts one may face throughout their life. I began practicing mindfulness meditation during my first semester […]

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Olivia Vomero: Meditation Should Be Required For Grades K-12

Meditation should be a required daily practice for students K-12. The practice of mindfulness meditation has recently become an interest of study for researchers. The research has confirmed that many benefits come from the practice of meditating. These benefits include improved attention spans which help reduce symptoms of ADHD, a decline in anxiety and depression, […]

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