PURM 5.1

Special Issue: Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Professional Disciplines

Letter from the Guest Editors for Issue 5.1
Barbara Miller, Elon University
Steve DeLoach, Elon University

Research, Parallel Process, and Hip-Hop: A Case of Mentoring Across Differences
Abstract: Mentoring across racial and cultural differences can present unique challenges in mentor/mentee relationships. This article chronicles the experiences, perspectives, dissonance, and resolution highlighted for both mentor and mentee during a research project that explored the impact of a Hip Hop summer program on African American youth.
Judy Esposito, Elon University, US
Miles Williams, University of Chicago, US

Long-Term Benefits of Undergraduate Research in Economics: A Dialogue
Abstract: By establishing a dialogue with students who graduated several years ago, we examine the long-term benefits of undergraduate research in economics. While most discussions of the merits of undergraduate research emphasize the benefits to students, we identify additional benefits accruing to the program or department over time.
Oscar Flores, Minnesota State University Moorhead, US
Tonya Jo Hansen, Minnesota State University Moorhead, US
Derek Hagen, Marquette Asset Management, US
Rachel Hettich, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, US

Research Article
Research Done Right: A Reflection of the Impact of Mentorship and Experiential Learning via the Public Relations Research Course
Abstract: Public relations research is an essential part of any undergraduate public relations curriculum, and an important part of preparing students for the industry. This paper takes a reflective look at the benefits and challenges of this course and the value of mentoring and experiential learning in helping students better understand the research process.
Shana Meganck, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
Rowena Briones, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
Katharine Pyle, Virginia Commonwealth University, US

Finding Patterns and Making Predictions: A Dialogue on Mentored Student Research and Engaged Learning Abroad
Abstract: Undergraduate researchers and mentors from Elon University traveled to Hong Kong to record oral histories with inductees into the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame (IHOF). This essay presents the planning and research by students who interviewed IHOF inductees, and includes a dialogue between a mentor and student who conducted additional research.
Anthony Hatcher, Elon University, US
Mia Watkins, Elon University, US

Invited Viewpoint
Undergraduate Research as a Pedagogical Tool in Business Education: The Lesson of “Doing Well and Doing Good”
Abstract: This essay features the high impact practice of undergraduate research situated in business education. Supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Humanities Lab Initiative at Albion College supported cross course collaborations of faculty members and students. I describe how I, along with colleagues, organized a community-engaged undergraduate research experience that spanned three semesters and a summer.
Vicki L. Baker, Albion College, US

Call for Papers for our next Special Issues on Co-mentoring, Mentoring Networks, and Mentoring Models (2017) and Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts (2018): Call for Papers