Special Issue: Mentoring Undergraduate Creative Scholarship

Fall 2019

Undergraduate research in all disciplines is an important and meaningful educational experience for students and their faculty mentors. While much research has been done about mentoring traditional undergraduate research in the STEM fields, there can be more research done on mentoring creative scholarship. Creative scholarship can include, but is not limited to, dance, film, theater, creative writing, music, and art.  As Cathy W. Levenson, former director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors at Florida State University writes:

Many colleges and universities across the country now have offices dedicated to the expansion and promotion of research activities by undergraduate students. Unfortunately, many undergraduates arrive on campus associating the concept of research with the STEM fields…This narrow (and thus inaccurate) understanding of academic research often means that relatively few undergraduate students get involved in research….We are interested in promoting academic success and skills not just in the traditional STEM research fields, but also in the fields such as art, music, theatre, and film, where creative works, rather than research data, may be the scholarly product.” (Levenson, 2010)

In the PURM 2019 Special Issue on Mentoring Undergraduate Creative Scholarship, we invite pieces from students and educators that explore the practice of mentoring a variety of creative scholarship across disciplines and pieces that address the need to encourage artistic research among undergraduate students.

Topics might include:

  • Identifying and defining different mentoring models for creative scholarship.
  • Exploring the impact of creative mentoring on faculty development.
  • How institutions can support, encourage, and recognize undergraduate creative scholarship.
  • Examining best practices in mentoring what peer review looks like in creative scholarship and how it can be achieved and recognized in an academic setting.
  • Pedagogical benefits for students engaged in creative scholarship.

PURM is an open-access, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal supporting the mission of undergraduate research and the programs that strive to provide undergraduate students opportunities to participate in scholarly activities with faculty mentors. PURM’s unique focus on the process of undergraduate research and mentoring rather than the products of these activities provides a space for the growing undergraduate research community to share experiences, opportunities, concerns, and challenges in a rigorous, professional venue.

Submissions may have a student author or co-author, and should address mentoring of undergraduate research in one or more disciplines, either through a theoretical, empirical, review, experiential dialogue, or viewpoint perspective. For more information about the types of articles accepted by PURM, please visit the website at:

To be considered for the Special Issue of Mentoring Undergraduate Creative Scholarship, Fall 2019, manuscripts must be received by June 30, 2019 (deadline extended). Full submission guidelines may be found at Any questions regarding PURM, the submission and review process, or article inquiries for the Special Issue may be directed to Professor Nicole Triche ( or Professor Lauren Kearns ( All other inquiries may be directed to Dr. Qian Xu, Editor-in-Chief, PURM:


Levenson, C. W. (2010). Enhancing undergraduate research in the arts and the humanities. Peer Review, 12(2), 13-15.