Issue 3.2, Spring 2014


Stretching Beyond the Semester: Undergraduate Research, Ethnography of the University, and Proposals for Local Change
Abstract: Professor and students report on the benefits of mentoring in a writing-intensive “Ethnography of the University” course at Marquette University. The course is built around investigations of local and university matters, allowing students to work closely with faculty mentors and with each other to develop research questions, collect and analyze data, and propose real solutions to stakeholders.
Beth Godbee, Marquette University, US
Jessica Bazan, St. John’s University, US, Marquette ‘14
Megan Glise, Marquette University Law School, US, Marquette ’14
Ariel Gonzalez, Simmons College, US, Marquette ‘15
Katelyn Quigley, University of Wisconsin Law School, US, Marquette ‘15
Brittany White, Marquette University, US, ‘15

Letter from the Editors
Mathew Gendle, Elon University, U.S.
Rebecca Pope-Ruark, Elon University, U.S.

Research Article
Negotiating the Sponsorship Continuum: Preparing Humanities Undergraduates to Conduct RAD Research
Abstract: Despite national efforts to increase undergraduate research, evidence-based research opportunities in STEM fields far outpace those in humanities’ disciplines. To complement current efforts in English and Rhetoric, the authors advance the sponsorship continuum, whereby undergraduates partner with their instructor/mentors, leveraging Haswell’s (2005) RAD research rubric to create data-supported research within the humanities.
Sherry Wynn Perdue, Oakland University, U.S.
Dana Lynn Driscoll, Oakland University, U.S.
Jacob Matthews, Oakland University, U.S.
Enrique Paz, Miami University of Ohio, U.S.
Jessica Tess, Michigan State University, U.S.

An Undergraduate Research Experience: From Research Methods to the Institutional Repository
Abstract:The primary purposes of this article are to describe an example of course-embedded undergraduate research and to chronicle the impact and importance of disseminating scholarly work for student researchers. We describe the experience of one student who began her research experience in a psychology Research Methods course. She continued her research after the course ended and her work culminated in a publication in our campus’ institutional repository.
Anna Ingebretson, Concordia College, U.S.
Lisa Sjoberg, Concordia College, U.S.
Susan Larson, Concordia College, U.S.

Summer Research Program on a Shoestring Budget: Increasing Participation in Undergraduate Research
Abstract: A summer program was created to stimulate the formation of a dynamic student-faculty research community, and encourage faculty-undergraduate collaborations on a budget feasible for most undergraduate colleges and programs. Student and faculty research participation and student engagement with the college research community increased through community building and career development activities.
Janice L. Krumm, Widener University, U.S.
Alexis A. Nagengast, Widener University, U.S.
Alysha Moretti, Widener University, U.S.
Michael Colgan, Widener University, U.S.
Kelsey E. Fisher, Widener University, U.S.
Kelly L. Hy, Widener University, U.S.
Ryan M. Castellente, Widener University, U.S.
Matthew Poslusny, Meredith College, U.S.

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