New Opportunity – Multimedia Submissions

In our three short years, PURM has published research articles, dialogues, and essays that get to the heart of undergraduate research and mentoring. As we continue to grow the journal, we realize that our online platform allows us to explore undergraduate research and mentoring in more ways than just print.

With that in mind, PURM is now actively accepting and encouraging multimedia submissions. These submissions can be multimedia presentations of research articles or dialogues or something different. What might that look like? Here are just a few ideas:

  • A video of students and faculty participating in your summer research experience or REU that explores the program and the researching/mentoring happening in that environment.
  • A video highlighting the structure and activities happening at your undergraduate research poster session.
  • A screen capture video of a mentoring or research workshop you give in your program.
  • A screen capture video of a process, like creating a research poster or presentation, that students might use as a resource.
  • A Prezi or video highlighting your undergraduate research program, its structure, and its activities.

These are just a few examples, and we welcome inquiries about possible media projects for the journal. Creatively, some of these options themselves might be excellent opportunities for student research and faculty mentoring.

This summer, the PURM team plans to create sample multimedia pieces during our own Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), and we’ll share our efforts with you in the Fall issue, PURM 4.1. So get creative! We’re looking forward to your submissions.

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