CPCHILD Review and Article Summary

Posted on: March 1, 2021 | By: lsolomon2 | Filed under: Caregiver Priorities and Child Health index of Life with Disabilities (CPCHILD), T&M Tools

Caregiver Priorities and Child Health Index of Life with Disabilities (CPCHILD)  CPCHILD Questionnaire1: Authors: Unni G. Narayanan Shannon Weir Darcy Fehlings Publisher: The Hospital for Sick Children & Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (150 Kilgour Rd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 1R8)1 Costs (questionnaire PDF): Free for non-commercial use such as education or clinical use; quotes provided on a per-project basis for research2 Purpose: Measure of caregivers’ perspectives on health status, functional limitations, and well-being of children with cerebral palsy (CP) who are more involved (nonambulatory; Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) IV & V)3. Measures caregiver’s perspective about the child’s health status, comfort, wellbeing, functional abilities and ease of caregiving. Identify areas that are impairing the child’s quality of life (QOL), determine what is most important to the child and caregiver, and monitor the child’s progress in a way that is meaningful to the family2. Type of Test: Evaluative instrument to measure change…

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